Vik, Teacher, UK

Vik, Teacher, UK


BGL101 has offered me the opportunity to invest in myself at a time when I was completely fed up and not knowing what to do. The resources, group calls, and support from Andrea and the group have been absolutely brilliant. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for me and it was worth every penny!!


The full story:

I was highly emotional, lacking in self esteem, feeling lost, overwhelmed and lacking hope. I also had a very limited knowledge or understanding of mindfulness.

BGL seemed to be offering something I had never tried before along with a lot of guidance and support. BGL has definitely enhanced my understanding and perspective as I have learnt the science/theory behind it’s teachings.

It was also helpful to know I was learning with others.

It has helped me learn to listen to my body and to try not to let thoughts and emotions carry me away. I have noticed that I am more observant in everyday activities now and I’m more likely to practise mindfulness. All of the course was just so great!

The online training videos were very valuable! They were a great length, and I really liked the tone of them. I’m really glad I have lifetime access as I know I will want to go back to them.

The group of awesome humans I got to work with were just lovely.

I really wasn’t sure how this aspect of the course would suit me, as I find meeting new people very intimidating, but I thoroughly enjoyed participating in and feeling part of this group! The Facebook Group was also excellent! It was great that you could be as involved as you wanted. It is a really good way to learn from others and Andrea’s support in the Facebook group was really helpful, responsive, and provided so much support.

The live group coaching calls were really brilliant!

Although I was nervous at first, I found them so useful from the very first one!

The workbook was nicely formatted, and a good companion to the video modules and I found the module resources were all very interesting and relevant.

I really love how the pieces of the programme all fit together.

BGL101 has offered me the opportunity to invest in myself, at a time when I was completely fed up and not knowing what else to do. The resources, group calls, and support from Andrea and the group have been absolutely brilliant.

I have really enjoyed taking part and have noticed changes in myself.

This is the beginning of a new chapter for me, and I am keen to develop and practise the techniques I have learnt. Thank you to Andrea (& the BGL team), it has been brilliant!

I would say to anyone hesitating about committing to BGL that I was initially put off by making a financial investment, as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it has been worth every single penny!! You’ll be part of a great group of people, all supporting each other. Plus, you have access to the techniques for the rest of your life! 

It’s an excellent way to learn about gaining more enjoyment from life.


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