I am a lot calmer overall, able to let go of unhelpful thoughts and emotions, my relationship has improved, and I’m feeling more happiness!

EVERYONE would benefit from BGL! This was an amazing, life-changing experience!


The full story:

I was struggling with dramatic swings of emotion from one day to the next, relationship issues, decision-making, and working out what to do after I leave my job.

BGL helped me MASSIVELY, it’s a total game-changer! I love how my whole perspective and approach to everything has changed.

I am a lot calmer overall, and less ‘ruled’ by my emotions. I have noticed an improvement in my relationship and am also able to let unhelpful feelings and/or thoughts go a lot more, which has an overall positive impact on my happiness!

The group was amazing! Lovely, supportive people. All there to spur each other on. It was great speaking to the others and feeling I could share any thoughts or issues I was having. I didn’t feel shy of joining in as everyone was so supportive.

Andrea is fantastic and so real and has such a brilliant approach to this stuff. I loved how practical BGL was, but in an achievable way. It wasn’t all ‘change your life right this minute and stick to these new habits, otherwise you’re failing!’ It was a much more realistic way of doing things, working out what works for you, and including new habits gradually.

If you want to make a positive change in the way you approach things, if you want to feel calmer (but without losing your oomph), more joyful, less ruled by emotions and have more clarity overall (and if you want a blimmin awesome experience and to learn a hell of a lot) then GO FOR IT!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you Andrea.


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