Good eh?*

*Kiwi for G’day.

I’m Andrea. In my home (‘Straya) I also answer to Dre. In my other home (NZ), I answer to Andie.

On Melbourne trams and cafes I’ve been known to answer to ‘Are you that Project Self chick?!’

I’m an irreverent mind-tamer for indecisive overachievers who are stuck.

I’m also a former sceptical pessimist, and current despiser of cucumber.

Andrea Featherstone laughing
Andrea Featherstone laughing

I train indecisive, practical people to tame their minds and get clear as country air on their direction. Without a single mention of chakras.

People I work with often describe me as

“Genuine, caring, honest, and no-bullshit”

I love having a laugh (mainly at my own expense), but behold, the professional spiel —

Andrea facilitates unconventional corporate and private mindfulness workshops across Australia, the UK, and NZ for organisations like Deloitte, Omega, BMW, and Tissot, and for the Faculty of Medicine at Monash University, run by Professor Craig Hassed (OAM), world renowned mindfulness expert.

—Read: I do actually know what I’m talking about, (on occasion).

Andrea is the most genuine, caring, and open person it has been my pleasure to work with

What struck me from the beginning is her integrity and also bravery at being honest that she is a human being and not a fictional persona created simply to sell a course.

Rachel, Business Consultant, UK

Andrea is easy to talk to, inspiring, honest, and calls things how she sees it. No bullshit!

Since working with Andrea, my life has done a complete 180 degree turn! I have a completely different outlook and there is so much more ease and joy in my life.

Michelle, Doctor, Brisbane

Andrea is an incredible woman who is extremely relatable, insightful, genuine, and inspiring

Andrea is able to convey complex things like ‘mindfulness’ in a very relatable way, she takes it in manageable steps which makes it much easier to understand.

Paula, Operations Analyst, NZ

Once upon a not-so-excellent time…

I was a practical, cynical, overachieving architecture graduate with a life that looked great from the outside.  But if I was honest with myself (which I usually wasn’t), I felt pretty numb and unfulfilled.

I lived in a constant state of indecision, people-pleasing, and accidentally snapping at my boyfriends.

Eggshells were mentioned.

I felt that I was missing a seriously crucial piece of the puzzle.

My pessimistic, numb self eventually got sick of my own bollocks and decided to try to sort that shit out. As an overachiever hamstrung by perfectionism, I knew a fair amount about succeeding at most things I put my mind to, but nothing about how to wake up feeling content.

Nor how to stop snapping and self-sabotaging my relationships. Nor how to work out what to do when I unexpectedly quit my career in architecture with no better plan.

It took a while for me to work out that putting my mind to the problem was the problem.

I spent years travelling the world – grumpily vacuuming my way around the Mediterranean on the superyacht of a Russian Billionaire… befriending a white guy called Black Jesus in Nicaragua…

Attempting to vegan myself into happiness at an ashram in the middle of Swedish nowhere. (Didn’t work. Though I did discover that lentils are not my friends.)

I’ve tried like buggery to piece together the life puzzle.

Cripes, I’ve done a lot of self development courses, and I have to say… much of it was utter bollocks. But some of it slid into my brain’s DMs and changed… well, everything really.

More on that over here: What to do when you feel like something is missing… and it’s not chocolate.

There’s a lot of self help out there, but my superpowers involve:

(A): Not being a dick about it.

—AKA being honest AF about the ridiculous pickles I get myself into so you can laugh about it with / at me…

And (B): (in Karen’s words) “making the complex so easy to understand and relate to” using self-deprecating laughs and gaspingly honest personal stories.

If you’re sceptical, as you should be, you could take my blog readers Katie, Laura, Suresh, Sara and Jaclyn’s words for it, because I glued a bunch of their emails together (there was much overlapping sentiment) in one lovely feat of shameless self-promotion:

“I always hold a bit of cynicism as to how ‘perfect’ and ‘figured out’ self-help authors really are. You don’t hide behind a pretence and people adore you for that.

I LOVE your blog posts, they’re bloody hilarious. It’s refreshing to get emails that make you laugh out loud. They make me feel so much better (the relief to know I’m not alone and crazy is incredible!)”

I’ve whisked together all the unconventional techniques that have changed my life, added a dash of sass, distilled them into a few online programs, and put them to the test with over 2,000 indecisive overachievers, many of whom also describe their experience as life changing.

Check out our free and paid programs over here.

Read more radically honest blog posts over here.

Copy-pastable professional spiel...

Andrea Featherstone is an irreverent mindfulness expert who helps practical overachievers to tame their mind, get clear on their direction, and stop snapping at strangers. Without a single mention of chakras.

Andrea facilitates unconventional corporate and private mindfulness workshops across Australia, the UK, and NZ for organisations like Deloitte, Omega, BMW, and Tissot, and for the Faculty of Medicine at Monash University.

Andrea has trained with Professor Craig Hassed (OAM), world renowned mindfulness expert, and has completed additional training with Eckhart Tolle, Dr Daniel Siegel, Dr Russ Harris, and Jack Kornfield.

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