Hello there.

I’m Andrea Featherstone, an unconventional mindfulness facilitator, writer, and former cynical pessimist.

Not long ago I was living a life that you might be familiar with.

I thought I had to work my ass off at university, get a high paying job, work up the corporate ladder, become a successful high-powered career woman, perhaps lock in a tall-dark-and-handsome and maybe get an SUV, some Lululemons and a Boxer dog.

I thought the ticket to happiness was money + intellectual status + a bit of artistic suave, so I went about getting a degree in Architecture.

But degree and perfect-looking-life in hand,

lasting satisfaction still seemed out of reach.

So I went on a mission around the world to find it.

I lived on a snowboard in a Swiss mountain village; backpacked through 40 cities and 12 countries solo; studied (mostly Guinness) in Dublin; lived in Sydney for a year, muddled in rice paddies in Thailand, spent two years aboard superyachts working for billionaires; vacuumed my way around the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal and past the Somalian pirates (I've a bullet to prove it!); wake boarded around The Maldives; learned to meditate in rural Sweden; surfed (more or less) in Nicaragua, backpacked around Cuba, downward dogged in Costa Rica and Panama; and then headed back to the 'real world' in Melbourne.

I found what I was looking for.

What I found was surprisingly simple, I couldn't believe we weren't taught it at school.

So I created the program I wished I could have studied - for practical people like me who want more out of life than the average Joe.

Bloody Good Life 101

Practical mindfulness programs:

Can't switch off your mind? Feel like something is missing no matter what you achieve? Indecisive about the future?

And what to have for dinner?

Once upon a not-so-excellent time

I was a practical, cynical, overachieving architecture graduate with plans for a high powered career.

I would have told you that I was fairly happy because I was achieving what I thought I needed to achieve.

My life looked pretty decent from the outside...

but if I was honest with myself (which I often wasn't), I wasn't all that happy nor inspired.


> What should I do with my life?

> Why didn't I enjoy life as much as everyone else seemed to?

> When was that perfect guy going to come along and make me happy?

> Why did I keep making his life difficult when he did?

Life felt a bit like an empty colouring book.

A piece of the puzzle was definitely MIA.

I didn't know where to find colouring pens, so I filled it with distraction - study, work, sex, boyfriends, TV, alcohol, mindless Facebook scrolling.

Eventually I got fed up of not knowing the answer.

So I set off to travel and work around the world

I rounded up everything I could find about how to live a bloody good life. I experimented with all sorts of colouring pens.

And now I can confidently say that life has never been so bloody good.

The techniques I used to get here are practical and relatable,

they're even scientifically proven to cause bloody goodness.

I'll teach you them.


You don't even need to colour inside the lines.