Toni, Graphic Designer, NZ

Toni, Graphic Designer, NZ


BGL101 is life changing. I highly recommend it! Andrea is absolutely awesome! Her knowledge and wisdom have led me from a life of anxiety and overwhelm to a life of calm, confidence and tools, to continue this significant, positive change in my life! I’ll be forever grateful for this amazing programme and Andrea’s incredible support!


The full story:

I chose to work with Andrea because she’s my friend from way back and I have been reading her Project Self posts for a long time. I have always related to the ‘before’ scenarios Andrea talks about, and wanted to achieve the ‘after’s.

I was struggling with anxiety and roller coaster moods. I was feeling constantly overwhelmed from over-thinking and over-analysing everything.

I was lacking confidence in my own opinion and decision making. I wasn’t living in the present moment.

With Andrea’s amazing support and knowledge, and the comprehensive set of tools BGL101 has provided me with, my life has significantly changed for the better.

My mood has settled down and the feeling of overwhelm has gone away. I have amazing tools to redirect my mind from spiraling in a negative fashion. My anxiety has reduced and I now feel I have clarity between my mind chatter and my gut instinct, which has enabled me to confidently make some pretty big decisions.

Andrea is absolutely awesome! She is so relatable and easy to talk to, with so much knowledge and wisdom to share.

Andrea’s Bloody Good Life 101 is life changing. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Thanks so much Andrea! What a challenging ride, but I am forever grateful for your amazing programme and incredible support.

You have positively changed my life! xx


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