Stacey, Sales Support Administrator, NZ

Stacey, Sales Support Administrator, NZ


I was constantly overly emotional, highly anxious and doing everything at a million miles an hour. I needed tools to help me calm the f*** down, so I signed up to BGL live. The course absolutely rocks! The awareness and clarity I feel is incredible. I am truly starting to live a bloody good life!


The full story:

I was overwhelmed with life in general. I felt like I was constantly overly emotional, I had high anxiety and was doing everything at a million miles an hour. I was always thinking ahead to the next thing and not enjoying or focussing on the present. I was totally stuck in a rut. I felt like the worst mum in the world and was also trying to deal with a relationship break down (after 13 years!).

I needed tools to help me with all of the above and to help me simply calm the f*** down so that I could start enjoying life, be happy and be the best mum/person possible.

Absolutely everything Andrea talked about in her blog and posts resonated with me.

I love Andrea’s honesty and she made me feel normal, when for a very long time, I was convinced that I had gone crazy. I soon realised that I needed to find out more and work with her!!

Having completed the course, I now feel confident that I have the tools and knowledge to cope with everything in my life. Knowing how to “feel” emotions for the first time ever and not suppress them, has been hugely effective for me.

I found the honesty and support from Andrea and the group HUGE. These guys and gals were simply awesome.

Everyone was so real and I learnt so much more from what other people had to share. The live group coaching calls were awesome, I really looked forward to them and was just so amazed by everyone’s honesty. The workbooks and resources were invaluable, I will continue to refer back to them for years to come! The course absolutely rocks!

I would absolutely 100% recommend this to everyone! The benefits gained from doing this course are completely invaluable! I say go for it! Andrea is a bloody legend!

Andrea thank you for all of your hard work, effort and honesty. The awareness and clarity I feel is amazing (and this is only the beginning).

I feel like I am truly starting to live a bloody good life!!


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