Sarah, Lawyer, London

Sarah, Lawyer, London


BGL has been an absolute eye opener for me and I’ve learnt some very valuable skills. I feel clearer, calmer, happier and more confident! Andrea is both inspiring and grounded with an excellent sense of humour. Thanks to her guidance and support, BGL has been life changing for me! I 100% recommend it to everyone!


The full story:

I joined Bloody Good Life 101 because I ticked all the boxes on Andrea’s reasons to join the program blurb. I found it hard to focus on one task and be productive, I continuously let myself down in achieving or not achieving my goals. I felt very caught up in my head and was unable to extract myself from my thoughts.

BGL 101 seemed like the perfect program to help me make the changes in my life that I needed to make.

I found Andrea both inspiring and grounded.

I really liked her humour, the way she writes and speaks, and she made me feel a bit like I was at home with her also being a Kiwi.

Since completing BGL 101, I have found that I am now much more aware of what my mind is saying and I am able to separate myself from my mind’s chatter. I’m also a lot more aware of when I am triggered and I am becoming more successful at not reacting to every trigger. When I meditate, I feel clearer and calmer and happier. I definitely have more inner peace!

I loved all of BGL 101! The whole thing was so great and every aspect of it complemented the following parts so nicely.

I especially loved the Facebook group, it was excellent for asking questions that popped up for me at different times. Andreas support in the Facebook group was SUPER wonderful, really valuable, very in depth.

The video modules were another favourite part of the course. I found them to be the core of the course, and thus, incredibly valuable. I loved how accessible they were and that you could download them in audio and listen while commuting etc.

The group of awesome humans were really really helpful and supportive.

The Live group coaching calls were very helpful! It was great to hear other people’s questions be answered. It lead to me finding that so many things I had never considered, applied to me as well. It was very eye opening.

The workbooks were very good to keep us accountable and the act of writing stuff often helps with processing.

I am so glad that I decided to take the plunge and do BGL101.

It has been an absolute eye-opener and I have learnt some very valuable skills. I feel clearer, calmer, happier and more confident. The group of people who I did the course with are also amazing and together with Andrea’s guidance and support along the way, doing this course has been life changing. I now look around myself and am so grateful that I have done BGL101 as I think it’s something that would benefit every single one of us. I would 100% recommend this to everyone. Do it!


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