Sarah, Farmer, NZ

Sarah, Farmer, NZ


BGL has changed my life forever. I can now think clearly and make rational decisions. I know that the skills and tools that I have learnt in BGL will be with me forever and I am so excited to continue to implement these well into the future. Thanks Andrea for creating such a brilliant course.


The full story:

I was struggling with life in general. I was struggling to make decisions and was unable to think clearly.I loved the blogs that Andrea wrote on FB. Her sense of humor and style of writing made me want to read and learn more from her. I completed the 6DTD course and wanted to learn more, so signed up to BGL Live.

Having completed BGL, I now get a break from my mind! I have had so many light bulb, life changing moments throughout the course

The tools you learn are absolutely invaluable.

I loved the way in which the course was delivered. I loved watching the module videos and having the facebook group as extra support. The online training videos were so valuable to me. I really felt like I learnt so much more from the videos than if it was just an audio recording.The group of awesome humans were so nice to connect with and to help realise that I am not the only one struggling – that I am in fact, “normal”.

I found the facebook group very valuable.

I felt like it was a safe place to support and share thoughts, questions etc with all of the awesome humans that I was learning alongside.

Andreas support in the Facebook group was excellent. When Andrea responded to questions in the FB group, it really made me feel like she was invested in our success too.

The live group coaching calls were very helpful as they brought up a lot of thoughts and ideas that I didn’t realise that I was processing in my subconscious mind.

It was great to know that I wasn’t the only one feeling the way that I was.

The workbooks were a great way for me to get the chatter and thoughts out of my mind and onto paper. They were very valuable to be able to process the new learning and to be able to go back and read over.
I also loved the TED talks and cartoon snippets amongst the resources. They reinforced everything that Andrea had taught us.

BGL has changed my life forever.

I can now think clearly and make rational decisions. I know that the skills that I have learnt on BLG will be with me forever and I am so excited to continue to implement my new found skills well into the future.

If a bloody good friend asked about this course I would say: F*$k YES, go for it! Why wouldn’t you?!!! What have you got to loose? It is a life changer. Sign up NOW.

Thanks Andrea for creating such an awesome course.

You have really made a huge difference in my life and the life of my family, who were having to deal with me! I now meditate daily (up to 6 times a day still) and am finally at peace with my mind. I feel like I can breath again.


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