Sarah, Doctor, Melbourne

Sarah, Doctor, Melbourne


I didn’t know where I was going in life. I was constantly looking for new stimulation. I needed to find my “passion”, but how? The BGL group course has given me a new, amazing, outlook on life. I feel an inner peace and a growing confidence thanks to the amazing Andrea, her wisdom and teachings!


 The full story:

I had just moved to Australia on a whim, after feeling bored and lost in New Zealand. I felt like I didn’t know where I was going in life. I was constantly looking for new stimulation. I felt like I needed to find my “passion” but I didn’t know what that was or how to find it. I also felt that, in order to feel successful, I needed to constantly be achieving higher and higher in both my career and life. I had a voice in my head, constantly dwelling on the the past and predicting the future. I needed this voice to shut up so I could find my purpose!

I loved reading Andrea’s blogs and emails. So I bit the bullet and signed up to her Bloody Good Life (Group) Course.

After completing BGL, I feel much more at peace with where I am now, every day and in every moment. BGL has helped me to figure out exactly what my values are and how to live my life aligned with them. I feel an inner peace and a growing confidence because I know who I am and what I stand for. By being present, I don’t worry about what anyone else thinks! My attitude to life is definitely more positive.

The BGL group course is absolutely awesome. I would recommend this course to anyone, without question!

It has given me a whole new, amazing, outlook on life. I look forward to continuing this way of life, guided by Andrea’s BGL wisdom and teachings, for the rest of my life!

Thanks so much Andrea, you are amazing! Here’s hoping that you bring out a Bloody Good Life 201!!



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