Sandie, Teacher, Edinburgh

Sandie, Teacher, Edinburgh


I was struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression and I wasn’t living in the moment. Since completing BGL, I’ve sincerely been able to notice changes in an incredibly short amount of time. It’s not only helped my personal wellbeing but also my relationships and my health. I highly recommend you go do it too!


The full story:

I was struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression. I wasn’t living in the moment and would find myself constantly living in the past or future. I was stuck on past “mistakes” that I was unable to just let go of. I kept playing negative scenarios of things to come or things that had happened again and again in my head.

I would focus much more on the negatives overall.

I chose BGL 101 because I have been doing therapy for years and I was looking for a more practical approach to help with my mental health, with tips and strategies to try out and implement on a day to day basis. I wanted to know more about Mindfulness and I liked the positive and playful way Andrea presented the topic.

It felt really relatable to me.

I felt it was accessible and I would be supported throughout my journey with a great deal of humour, friendly reminders and achievable tasks.

BGL explained how and why meditation actually helps the brain and it made Mindfulness so much more accessible for me. The way Andrea explains everything makes it easy to grasp and the fact that she is open and approachable in every aspect of the course is so brilliant.

I found her so motivating and encouraging.

The online training videos were really well made, short and concise and I loved their format, it kept me so engaged.

The FB group was a wonderful place of support, care and help and it really made me feel I was part of a tribe which felt fabulous. We all had each other’s backs!

Andrea’s support in the Facebook group was absolutely wonderful. She is the absolute queen of fantastic advice and support. I wish I could message Andrea anytime I want for the next 50 years!

The live group coaching calls were excellent.

I loved that with the workbook, I didn’t have to fill them in online and I could print them. They were accessible resources and so well organised.
I found all the module resources really helpful and they were built upon one another which was great.

I highly recommend BGL101, it is a fun, approachable and relatable way to discover and practice Mindfulness and I have sincerely been able to notice changes in an incredibly short amount of time. It has provided me with fantastic resources that I know I can go back to again and again. Andrea’s approach is full of humour, genuine support and fantastic advice.

I am so grateful for everything this program has given me.

It has not only helped my personal wellbeing but also my relationships and my health. Go do it too!

Thank you so much for everything Andrea, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to follow the course, it has been a fantastic experience xx


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