Samantha, Social worker, UK

Samantha, Social worker, UK


BGL is a small price to pay in relation to what you gain from it. You’ll meet like minded people and feel fully supported throughout. I was feeling stuck in every part of life, but now I feel clearer, calmer and have a toolkit for life. You MUST do it! Thank you so much Andrea!!


The full story:

I felt stuck in every way, especially in my work, in my relationships and in my head. I overthought everything and actually felt that if I didn’t do something about it I would go completely insane, or maybe I thought I was insane!!?

I had come across Andrea on Facebook and watched some of her free videos and read some of her articles.

I thought ‘oh my god- this person thinks like me’.

That was what got me interested initially, then I started practicing a bit of mindfulness and started to think there was really something in it. I ummed and arrred initially but Andrea helped me to decide that I should go for it to help me further my understanding.

I have noticed, almost instantly, that I am more aware of my thoughts and my emotions. The modules really helped me to understand mindfulness in manageable chunks. If I hadn’t had done it, I would still be in a muddle. I am now far more able to notice my emotions and feel them but not let them carry me away.

I feel so much clearer and calmer.

I found that the online training videos were very valuable, the videos were really enjoyable and were delivered in an easy to understand way.

I found the group I worked with absolutely awesome, and even though I never met anyone in person, everyone was very open and honest and very easy to relate to. I even got involved in the facebook group despite not liking social media! It was so good to see others’ comments and read their thoughts etc. Andrea also provided such great support in the Facebook group.

The live group coaching calls were just fab. So beneficial and enjoyable!

I absolutely loved the workbook and the module resources, so cool to have different learning methods to solidify all of what we learnt!

I would say to anyone thinking of doing BGL 101, just do it. It’s a small price to pay in relation to what you gain from it. You will meet like minded people and you will feel fully supported throughout. I know now that I now have a toolkit for life.

Thank you so much Andrea!!


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