I can tell you that I have spent years reading self help and personal development books, trying mediation and yoga but Andrea and BGL are the best bloody things I have tried yet!! For the first time, things are making sense and I am finding more peace and clarity, and less anxiety in my life!


The full story:

I was feeling unsettled in life, lacking confidence and suffering from low self-esteem. I wasn’t completely happy in my job. I had the feeling that I was meant to be doing something different but I wasn’t sure what. My relationships with myself and others were really paying the price.

I had already been a part of two free online webinars, the 6 day challenge, as well as follow Andrea’s blog posts religiously. I find her to be so real & honest, and what she says really resonates with me.

Andrea is just so relatable and personable!

So, as a result, I decided to sign up to BGL! Having completed this brilliant course, I am enjoying significantly reduced stress, I find myself responding rather than reacting, my anxiety has taken a back seat (I was suffering from this a lot!) and I am able to let things go much more easily! I am not so hard on myself, I have really worked on improving my relationships; I have become a better listener and am more present!

I am experiencing more joy and positivity in general!

Andrea’s online training videos were extremely valuable! As mentioned earlier, Andrea is very personable and relatable, I love that she speaks from her own experiences and is very open!  

The group of awesome humans were just that, awesome! They were all very supportive and I really enjoyed keeping one another accountable!

The Facebook Group was so great, as was Andrea’s support in the Facebook group!

She is just so Fab! I was amazed at how present she was in the facebook group and how quick she was able to get back to people and comment on the feed!

The live group coaching calls were a highlight! It was so great to know that so many others were going through similar experiences and to listen to Andrea’s advice for each member really helped me too! I found these calls very supportive.

I love the work books!

What a great way to really reflect on what we were learning in each module. I thoroughly enjoyed filling them out, prob one of my favourite things about the course!

The module resources were also really valuable!

I can tell you that I have spent years reading self help and personal development books, trying mediation and different types of yoga but Andrea and BGL is the best bloody thing I have tried yet!!

For the first time, things have started to make sense and bit by bit I am finding a bit more peace and clarity in my life :-)

I would recommend BGL to everyone. Anyone thinking about doing it I would tell them – hell yes! It seriously changed my life and my way of relating to and thinking about the world! It has helped me to become a much more relaxed and calm person, seriously reduced my stress and anxiety (something I have dealt with for a lifetime!), improved my relationships (both with myself and others) and has helped me to experience more joy and satisfaction in my day to day life. I also find that I am more able to let things go that would have used to have worried me and I now can respond rather than react to stressful situations.

Andrea – you are just Fab!


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