What hasn’t BGL done for me?!! I loved every single thing about the course. Andrea is nothing short of brilliant. I’m much more present and consistent and feel much more emotionally resilient. Friends and family have noticed a big difference. This is one genie that needs to be shared with as many people as possible.


The full story:

I felt like I was drifting through life not really living it and not really sure how or what to alter. Basically everything that is written on the website under reasons why you should do BGL applied to me.

Six days to decisiveness popped up on fb, which was a great introduction to Andrea, how things work and what sort of thing to expect. The cost was an issue but only up to the point I started the course.

Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t hesitate to invest in myself again.

What I was reading on the website resonated so much with how I was feeling or had felt that I couldn’t ignore it. It sounded no nonsense, chilled out, zero happy clappy bullshit that didn’t take itself too seriously. It seemed like a practical modern approach to my mental wellbeing. It felt like Andrea had climbed inside my mind and taken note of all of my worries and concerns and things that were holding me back, and then written a program of how to deal with it all.

Andrea puts all of herself into the course. 

There’s no mask. It’s a very honest, very down to earth, “this is me” approach, which makes things feel more relaxed.

The life Andrea had lived up until discovering mindfulness sounded very similar to mine and I liked that. It made the course and the things I was going through seem much more accessible, like I wasn’t broken after all.

What has BGL done for me?? What hasn’t BGL done for me you mean? (bar making the tea?!)

Friends and family have noticed a big difference in me.

I’m much more present (or if my mind is wandering I notice and observe it now). There’s so much good stuff happening in the gaps that mindfulness creates and I love that the gaps are becoming the new ‘normal’. I’m more consistent. I care less about certain things that deserve less of my time. I feel much more emotionally resilient and if there are times where I don’t, I feel BGL has given me the tools to work through it.

The troughs are less troughy and it has taught me how to surf.

I had read a lot about mindfulness so was aware of what it was, I had done a few exercises but I hadn’t really tried anything pre BGL.

BGL very clearly explained what mindfulness was and also what it wasn’t. It provided information to support those explanations. It made me realise how important mindfulness is to my wellbeing and how important my mental health is to my overall health.

It never felt like it was too much.

Everything was there, any resistance tactics my mind came up with, BGL had catered for it. The course was broken down into easy-to-manage modules. These were then supported with the resources and the workbook. When you thought you’d forgotten something the next video reminded you of it.

The course has been very cleverly and beautifully put together. The design enables you to realistically and practically include the techniques into your everyday life. The live calls and facebook group are invaluable for the support and accountability they give alongside the modules. The facebook group is my new extended family.

Andrea’s support in the FB group was next level!!

She’s so engaged and you never feel like she’s calling it in. She responds to everything fully, never fobs you off. 

The live group coaching calls were fantastic, it is really useful to hear where everyone is at. It may be that someone brings something up that resonates for you too or that you hadn’t thought of. You don’t have to contribute and you’ll still take a bunch of things away from every course.

Pre BGL, I was the most skeptical, sure that it wouldn’t do anything.

No way could I invest that amount of money in myself on something as airy fairy as ‘mindfulness’. I set a reminder for the 30 day money back guarantee convinced I’d be cashing it in.

If anything on this website resonates with you or if there’s a whole list of things stopping you from signing up, just do it. It will be the best money you spend (and I hate shitty cliches like that).

I did it and I’m now sitting on the other side of the course living a bloody good life. I loved the course, everything about it.

Andrea is nothing short of brilliant.

I almost wish I was where you are now because once you’ve signed up you’ve got it all to come. Luckily for me, there’s the lifetime access. Just do it. You can and at the times you feel you can’t; there’s a whole group of people there to support you. “If not now then when? if not you then who?”
Give me your laptop and a credit card, in fact, forget the credit card, I’ll pay it’s so good!

There’s also a small part of me that likes the exclusiveness of the group; like I’ve found this absolute gem that I want to keep to myself, for a little bit at least. There’s no chance of that though, everyone has noticed there have been some changes in me, so the words out.

This is one genie that needs to be shared with as many people as possible.


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