Rebecca, Accountant, AUS

Rebecca, Accountant, AUS


I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious in all areas of my life. I was trying to work, as well as be a good mum and wife. Andrea’s course really resonated with me. I found it incredibly tangible and real. Her brutal honesty  and “no bullshit” attitude is refreshing. I would absolutely recommend BGL to everyone!  


 The full story:

I was feeling overwhelmed in all areas of my life. I was an anxious mess, trying to work, as well as be a good mum and wife. I felt like I was failing at all three, but worst of all, I felt like I had lost myself. Who was I? What did I even enjoy doing? Who did I want to be?

Andrea’s posts on facebook really resonated with me. I was refreshed by her brutal honesty  and “no bullshit” attitude.

Bloody Good Life has helped me to realise that I am a control freak who cares far too much about what others think. These two factors were limiting me.

Now, having done the BGL course, I have a much better understanding about how my mind works. I recognise that I am not my thoughts, and best of all, I know that they are just a result of my mind working in overdrive and they are no reflection of me as a person.

The part that I enjoyed most in BGL is that it is like a project! I love the weekly videos, resources and the practical aspect of it.  It is so tangible and real. It really helps with that overwhelming feeling you get when you know something isn’t right, but have no clue how to fix it!

The online training videos and transcripts were great!!

It was so beneficial to be a part of a group of awesome humans throughout the program. It created a sense of community in being able to discuss and relate to how others were feeling.

In return, being given that knowing nod of support when you shared the things that were limiting you, was so comforting!

The Facebook Group was great! Andrea offered excellent support and really helpful advice to our posts in the Facebook group.

The workbook is such a great reference, and I will continue to use it to get my thoughts down on paper and also to motivate me and hold myself accountable!

I would absolutely recommend BGL. I already have recommended it to friends!!



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