Poppy, Health Professional, Australia

Poppy, Health Professional, Australia


I’ve struggled with anxiety for a considerable amount of time…until I met Andrea! Her honesty, calmness and unfazed manner in helping you realise that you are not crazy is so unique. She is totally relatable and the ultimate teacher! Andrea, I want to be your friend like you want to be Eckhart Tolle’s friend!!


The full story:

I have struggled with anxiety for a considerable amount of time. When I first tried to get help for this I was given the worst advice! It was centred around trying to figure out the meaning behind my anxiety, which just led to further overanalysis and made my anxiety much worse! Because I believed that I was a hopeless case as therapy didn’t help, I just hid it inside for quite a long time and thought I was the only crazy person with my repetitive, messed up thoughts.

But then I met Andrea!!

Her honesty, calmness and unfazed manner when people talk to her about any weird or awful thing is such a big part of what I feel makes her course so successful.

I was drawn to the course because I read many of Andrea’s blog posts and they may as well have been written by me. Being a female of similar age, who has a similar mentality and experiences, her words really resonated with me. Also, Bloody Good Life seemed really practical. I have been introduced to mindfulness before and wanted to expand my understanding and actual application of it in daily life.

BGL is completely unique, I’ve never heard of anything similar.

It has helped me feel more confident that there is nothing special/crazy about me!! In the sense that everyone’s minds come up with weird/wonderful/fabulous/awful things and I’m not some sort of anomaly.

The online training videos were very very helpful! I felt reassured and more confident seeing Andrea’s smiling face in the video’s telling us that we can do this! They also created a very interactive experience and were very relevant and engaging.

We worked in an awesome group of humans and everyone seemed really positive, supportive and incredibly honest.

It was absolutely great.

BGL is completely unique and something that I think everyone can benefit from. Andrea is a fantastic support and really creates a space where people can feel calm and safe to learn to be their best self. I found the course incredibly empowering.

I would definitely recommend this course. I really feel that mindfulness (and all it entails) should be something that everyone learns and Andrea is the ultimate teacher!

Andrea, you’re so great. I want to be your friend like you want to be Eckhart Tolle’s friend!!


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