Natalie, Senior Administrator, England

Natalie, Senior Administrator, England


I was suffering from a lack of self-esteem, negativity, jealousy, and loss of direction in life. BGL is an epic course that has taught me how to handle my mind and emotions. I loved working with Andrea alongside a group of amazing, honest, inspirational humans. An invaluable experience, recommended to everyone. Go forth and conquer!


The full story:

I found myself suffering from a lack of self-esteem, criticism from family, negative emotions, jealousy, all-or-nothing thinking, feeling stuck in my career, self-destructive behaviour and an overall loss of direction in my life.

I had been following Andrea’s posts for a while. Each time I read one, I experienced a ‘wow’ moment. Every post seemed to describe exactly, a situation from my own life.

Not only did I relate to Andrea’s posts, but I loved her down to earth style of writing and her radical honesty and authenticity. I knew instantly that she would be able to help me.

Andrea’s Bloody Good Life (group) course has given me a really good understanding of the mind and why it works in the way it does. I am finding it much easier to let things go and to get on with living my bloody good life. I now have a toolbox of resources and techniques at my disposal that I can refer to whenever I need.

BGL has made me take responsibility for my life. I have gained clarity and learnt that living a life that is aligned with my values, is the route to a bloody good life.

I found the BGL online training videos excellent. They were clear and concise.

I loved working alongside a group of amazing, honest, inspirational humans. It was such a brilliant group and being able to share advice and support with one another was invaluable.

The facebook group was great place to whinge / cry / sulk / whoop with excitement / virtual high five and ask for support and advice, as we needed. We were honest with each other, without judgement. Andrea’s support and wisdom in the Facebook group were invaluable. Her responses were in-depth and really helped me to change my perspective in a particular situation where I found myself a bit stuck.

The live group coaching calls quickly became the highlight of my week.

It was so helpful to listen to the advice given to other BGLifers, as so much of it was relevant to me too. It also made me realise that I am not alone in my struggles.

The workbook is excellent. It is full of great content, relevant to each of the modules.

The module resources were also excellent. Providing interesting and very valuable links, videos and studies to help further your understanding and knowledge of the module.

BGL is an epic course that taught me how to handle my mind and emotions. It provided me with the tools to create my own bloody good life. I loved hanging out with all the mind ninjas online and on the live calls!

I would definitely advise everyone to sign up for this course – Go forth and conquer!



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