Natalie, Practice Manager, Bristol

Natalie, Practice Manager, Bristol


BGL has given me a shift in perspective, a window into joy and the tools to allow me to really see the things that work in my life. I’ve found my connections with people have improved, my stress levels have reduced, my ability to find joy, love, sadness, creativity, honesty, and authenticity have all improved.


The full story:

I was feeling numb, listless, lacking joy, creativity and feeling like my life was unauthentic and far from what I wanted. I was very stressed, angry, snappy, disinterested, tired, lacking energy and disappointed.

Andrea popped up on Instagram when I was having a moment about where my life was going. What the post said spoke to me so I signed up on a complete whim (or gut instinct maybe?!)

I am now less stressed.

I am able to cope better with changes and situations both within and out of my control. My insides feel more steady. I no longer feel the need to rush around. I have sparks of joy and a general feeling of steadiness – as if my baseline happiness is different. My perspectives have changed, the mind chatter has quietened. I feel like I have more energy. I am enjoying people again – talking to them, smiling, having conversations about joy. I am enjoying my children, my husband.

I loved the live group coaching calls so much! They are the best!

I wish I could carry on live coaching with Andrea forever! It isn’t often you get to be really open with all aspects of your life including fear, desires, bad habits etc. I have found I am more open in my friendships since this course.

The online training videos are great.

The group of awesome humans I had the privilege of working with were just amazing. Authentic. Supportive. Crazy. Fun. Kind. Honest. Brave.

The Facebook Group was just fab.

It is great being able to workshop problems. I loved reading everyone’s perspectives. Andrea was amazingly present, her support was brilliant. Such quick, thoughtful, thought provoking and measured responses. I didn’t care how long they were. Loved every word!!

The workbook and module resources were amazing, can’t wait to watch and go through them all again.

There is no magic pill to give you the life you want. No course will snap its fingers and change everything for the better. What BGL has given me is a shift in perspective, a window into joy and the tools to allow me to really see the things that work in my life.

No other course or app or people I have worked with are anywhere near as good as BGL.

What a find Andrea was for me!

I have found that my connections with people have improved, my stress levels are reduced, my ability to find joy, love, sadness, creativity, honesty, authenticity have all improved.

I smile an awful lot. I cry when something moves me. The sound of my children laughing gives me goosebumps.

I jumped around my office today in glee when my colleague figured out a solution to a problem we had.

I feel more connected to people, more interested. My baseline stability has improved. So much has shifted inside of me that I don’t need it to change anymore.

I would recommend everyone to do it. Sign up right this instant.

No, seriously, get your phone out and sign up. I can’t imagine anyone ever regretting that decision.

Thank you Andrea for your amazing support, mentally, emotionally and technologically.


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