Mel, Executive Assistant, Auckland

Mel, Executive Assistant, Auckland


I was stuck in my mind, constantly anxious about what other people were thinking of me. I had lost the ability to appreciate and love myself. BGL (group) changed my life. It has contributed to every aspect of my life. I will never be able to thank Andrea enough for everything she has taught me.


 The full story:

I was really struggling with depression and anxiety. I was unable to find my own reality through the loud chatter in my mind. I was frustrated with knowing that there must be a better way to live, that I couldn’t seem to access. I longed to be happy in my own identity and to be empowered to reach my personal goals.

Bloody Good Life 101 appeared to have all the answers!

Having completed BGL 101, I have seen a big shift in my attitude toward all areas of my life. I don’t get as emotional about people’s reactions to me anymore. I’m able to understand and notice what my mind is doing and I have made some incredibly empowering decisions (like starting my own business) that I would never have imagined to be possible before.

I have moments in the craziness of life that are pure happiness and I pay more attention to my present moment.I have learnt to value myself and as a result, I eat healthier, go to the gym and do yoga, without it feeling like a chore! The bonus is that I’m losing weight and feeling amazing!

Andrea has an awesome attitude and outlook, one that is incredibly empowering with no judgement.

Having a coach that really thinks you’re bloody awesome and is dedicated to helping you build a bloody good life of your own is priceless!

I’m seeing the world from a more confident place and making more and more decisions that are right for me. Paying attention to how I feel is making a huge difference, my moods haven’t been as turbulent.

Andrea’s course is an investment in yourself, to break down limiting beliefs and re-discover the friggin awesome person you are.

Andrea herself is encouraging, kick-ass, warm, funny, real, insightful and a total mindfulness guru.

If you want to tap into who you are, the voice that is uniquely you outside all of the chatter of your mind, to reach your full potential and build a happier life, then this is the course for you! I didn’t think it was possible and I’m still learning/growing but my life has changed dramatically in just 4 months. I know what makes me happy and where I’m going!

It truly is a life changing program!



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