Mel, Entrepreneur, Travelling Nomad

Mel, Entrepreneur, Travelling Nomad


Boy was I struggling! A bad break up, repressing feelings of utter panic, dealing with shame and confusion. BGL (group) gave me the mindset shift to choose differently. I now have the tools I need to change my life and handle anything that life throws at me. That’s major, you know, that’s life changing.


The full story:

So I decided to look back on my journal around the time that I signed up to BGL group program, and boy was I struggling!! I was really in the middle of some shit right there.

I was finishing up a bad break up, repressing feelings of utter panic after a year of traveling and not having a plan, dealing with shame, confusion, and all the other emotions that are involved in the making of a nice hearty helping of shit. That was happening on the forefront, but behind that, perhaps fueling that was a habit of always grasping—reaching for happiness, getting caught in my thoughts, questioning, always questioning.

I’m going to sum it up simply though: I was just suffering. Suffering is suffering, and I kept focusing on it!!

Seriously, that’s the ticket though right? We all have shit, but it’s only when we focus on it and make it mean something that we suffer.

After Bloody Good Life group program, I definitely notice that I catch myself way quicker. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of a good cry I notice that I’m crying and I’m like, wait, and I just stop mid-sob. It’s so weird! and it’s not coming from a place of like, repression or resistance. Just a sort of like, oh, wait, this isn’t necessary, I’m alive, I don’t need to choose this. That’s definitely something I’ve never encountered before.

I feel in the past I got too wrapped up in my emotions, and now I have the tools and have experienced the mindset shift to not change that, but to get underneath it and choose differently.

That’s major, you know, that’s life changing.

The group coaching was super attractive to me. I LOVE community! I really liked our group calls. Hearing other people’s stories, getting feedback and support in the group, seeing how everyone was going each week. That’s something that’s so unique to group programs.

Bloody Good Life group program is an opportunity to learn how to handle anything that life throws at you.

I feel honestly, that I’ve exponentially grown in awareness. Like gigantic amount. I have had a perspective switch, I’m like, “Wow! I can actually do something about how I feel.” I now have the tools I need to positively change my life. That’s it. I don’t need anything else.

Are you considering doing the BGL (group) course?  Go for it! You’ll feel nothing but support and love, and it will make you view the world in a completely different, more manageable light!


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