I was stuck. I felt unfulfilled, numb and joyless. Three months on, post BGL, I am feeling infinitely more confident! I’m equipped with so many skills to help me live my bloody good life. My family continually comment on my calmer, happier disposition, and I’m more excited and positive about the future than ever before!


 The full story:

I was feeling so stuck. I had a good job, lovely boyfriend, nice flat, friends etc, but I still felt unfulfilled, numb and unable to feel joy. Andrea’s blog posts and emails resonated with me hugely. For a long time I had felt sure that there was something very wrong with me, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, or how to fix it. Then this complete stranger (Andrea) was reflecting back what I’d been feeling and offered a way for me to tackle it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the learning side of Bloody Good Life, understanding why I felt the way I did and why my mind did what it did. The practical side came into play massively for me during one of the live video calls when I managed to pluck up the courage to ask an honest question about what I’d been struggling with most. Andrea’s answer made all the new skills that I had learnt, really come alive.

I feel so much more confident now being equipped with so many skills I need to live my bloody good life.

Relatives have noticed that I’m much calmer and more positive. I’m being kinder to myself, I’m meditating everyday and absolutely I love it. Although I haven’t put everything into practice from the course yet – I know that I will, bit by bit, and I’m not beating myself up about it, which is a big step in itself.

I absolutely loved the variety of ways in which we were taught. I loved that I could interact with Andrea on social media or through live calls and that we had permanent resources to go back to as much as we wanted.

The online training videos were the most important bit for me. Everything was so clearly explained and broken up into bite-sized pieces.

The group of awesome humans I got to work with were incredibly supportive!

The Facebook Group is such a great resource. Andrea gave LOADS of feedback and sometimes just reading other people’s posts was really helpful. Andrea’s support in the Facebook group was super important for those like me that maybe found it hard to pluck up courage in the live calls. The fact that Andrea spent a serious amount of time writing lengthy, in depth responses was just so brilliant and appreciated.

The Live group coaching calls were really fantastic. It was inspiring hearing the others in the group share their problems and listen to Andrea’s coaching.

I learnt a lot about myself through listening to others.

The workbooks and module resources were very helpful. I really liked having the extra reading resources and I know I will keep going back to them in the future.

It was the mix of all these things that made the course really special. I’m a natural sceptic (or at least my mind is) and so I went into this course more than a little cynical. But, three months on and my family continue to tell me I’m a calmer, happier person than I was before. Not only that, but I feel I have this brand new skill set that I can build on going forward. I feel more excited and more positive about the future than I did before, and that’s a pretty amazing result. I’d thoroughly recommend it to all you fellow cynics out there.


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