Maree, Executive Assistant, NZ

Maree, Executive Assistant, NZ


I was lost in life, apathetic and moody. I was wishing the days away thinking that the future would give me contentment. Now, I have an awareness of my thought patterns. I am more accepting of others and  more open with my vulnerabilities and insecurities. My relationships are better for it. Everything makes sense again!


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I was lost in life, had feelings of apathy and was moody. I was always wishing the days away because I had a vision that the future would give me feelings of contentment.

I chose to work with Andrea because I related to everything she described in her posts. After many ah-ha moments I decided to get in touch.

Since I started working with Andrea and learning about how the mind works, and why it works that way, I have noticed a constant awareness of my thoughts and the patterns they follow.

I am finding that I am more accepting of people without trying to control them. I am more open, allowing people to see my vulnerabilities and insecurities and my relationships are better for it.

The people who see that as a weakness are not the type of people I want or need in my life.

I still struggle with anxiety and feelings of hopelessness but I know it’s my mind trying to balance everything. I have comfort that if I keep practicing mindfulness, I will attract good things.

I really enjoyed the learning side of the course. I found the whole concept fascinating and was always eager to explore more and put it into practice.

I enjoyed the 1:1 sessions with Andrea as she would answer my questions or eliminate confusion and just made it all make sense. It was cool to chat with a young ‘with it’ person who just got everything I was experiencing.

Andrea is really really honest, and passionate about her work.

I was a bit nervous about talking to a stranger about my personal stuff and that was not an issue when speaking with Andrea as she’s so easygoing and funny. An intelligent, nice person who is easy to relate to. She’s a good egg!

I had always been interested in mindfulness however didn’t really understand it or stick with it long enough to make a difference. I now get it which is super cool.

I think everyone should be practicing mindfulness and there’s no better teacher and mentor than Andrea.

I am so glad I found Bloody Good Life 101. It is an effective and powerful course that opens up a new way of thinking and being; everything makes sense again!


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