After years of being stuck in indecision, negativity, over thinking and catastrophising everything; I knew there’d be a turning point in my life. BGL101 was it. BGL101 has changed the way I live my life. I can’t recommend this course enough. Andrea is one of the best, most honest, authentic humans I have ever known.


 The full story:

I was struggling with negative thought patterns and negativity spirals. I was frustrated with my indecisiveness and my procrastination. I saw an ad on Facebook and Andreas straight up, honest, writing style appealed to me. Andrea was excellent on the webinar I partook in, she was clear, concise and very relatable.

I have always wanted to study mindfulness but I actually thought I was too much of a negative person to be able to complete a course in mindfulness. However, listening to Andrea talk in her authentic, genuine way made me realise I really did need this self development in my life.

I think Andrea herself being the personal coach, made the course very appealing.

It was like I’d already met the person that’d be teaching me.

BGL 101 has actually changed my life in many positive ways. I am now in control of my mind, and I have the tools to maintain my control. I no longer fear my mind nor feel bullied by it.

It has brought a sense of calm to my everyday thinking which makes me feel inner peace is actually starting to happen. The main accomplishment for me was managing my emotions.

I can now manage my emotions before my mind spirals or starts catastrophising.

I always used to be a person who held a grudge, but since this course, I find myself able to let things go very easily which makes life less exhausting from carrying harboured anger around.

I loved the group live calls, they were so valuable and made me feel like I wasn’t going through the journey alone. I got so much out it and all the members had so much genuine time and support for each other.

I felt like the online training videos were the structured steps of the journey and I really liked the fact that the videos were so informative but still personable.

The group of awesome humans were so helpful, supportive and caring.

I felt it was a huge bonus to have such an awesome support network.

I loved the Facebook group. It was massively helpful to be able to write things on social media, in a safe environment with like minded people, without the fear of being judged. I liked being able to chat with the group on a more casual basis. It felt very freeing to speak openly and not be criticised in this world of bullying and targeted negativity that social media has sadly become.

Andreas support in the Facebook group was truly amazing.

Andrea answered everything we asked and she discussed with great care and gave perfectly formulated explanations. I honestly don’t know how she coped with answering that many queries everyday.

I loved the module resources. It was brilliant to have these resources recommended by an expert, there at my fingertips, rather than having to trawl through the internet to find decent ones.

After years of being stuck in indecision, struggling with feeling negative, over thinking and catastrophising everything; I knew there’d be a turning point in my life – and this course BGL101, is it. BGL101 has changed the way I live my life. I now have control over my thinking patterns and I feel I have the tools to maintain clarity of thinking and to manage my emotions.

I feel a sense of calm in my life now.

If you feel you want to learn mindfulness, but you keep putting it off, try asking yourself what putting it off will accomplish? Only more procrastination! Just do it now. If you put everything off until the time is right, you’ll never do much of anything. BGL is mind training that gives you back control over your negativity, indecision and stressy stress. I think every person needs to learn to be more mindful so they can claw back some positivity and power to think differently.

Andrea is one of the best humans I’ve ever known and I’ve met a lot of great people. Her authenticity and honesty is immense and she is truly vested in her clients. I can’t recommend her course enough, this woman is an amazing, bright star in the darkness.

Andrea you’re bloody awesome.


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Bloody Good Life DIY is about to open for 5 days only!

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