Kristen, Project Officer, Melbourne

Kristen, Project Officer, Melbourne


I was frustrated by my lack of confidence to define and stick with decisions of any magnitude. I’d read and related to many of Andrea’s blogs and I was so keen to continue with an in-depth form of support and education. I’m so pleased I did! It has genuinely changed my life for the better.


The full story:

I was frustrated by my lack of confidence to define, and stick with decisions of any magnitude – whether I was second-guessing my plans for the weekend, or continually oscillating between dramatically differing career alternatives.

I’d read and related to many of Andrea’s blogs, participated in the “Six Days to Decisiveness Challenge” and was sufficiently pleased and curious to continue with a more in-depth form of support/education.

I’ve noted a significant improvement in my ability to let things go.

I am able to identify the internal sensations that come with being triggered, which means that I can more effectively control my reactions, or at the very least, minimize the amount of time I allow myself to stew on something after a negative episode.

My favourite part of the whole course were the video blogs and the connection I felt with you (Andrea)! I found the language and “curriculum” to be very well structured, reasonably paced, and the practical exercises really beneficial in terms of being accountable, and practically applying the theory.

The online training videos were the best! It’s great to have someone articulate the theory.

I felt that I really got to know the group of awesome humans, which was fantastic. I also loved meeting up with a number of the more local Melbourne members too, and would be interested in coordinating a follow-up at the end of the course to see how everyone went, and just generally keep in touch!

The Facebook Group was awesome! It is so great to have participants air their own thoughts and experiences, which gave me the confidence to do so myself.

Andrea’s support in the facebook group was always brilliantly prompt and appropriate!

The Live group coaching calls are a brilliant way of connecting with others, and reassuring oneself that we’re not alone in what we sometimes perceive to be crazy thoughts or frustrations. Having the links available to view the calls at a later date too is an excellent idea.

The workbooks are so good. They were reeeeealllly helpful in my personal comprehension. The module resources were all so relevant and they complimented the course very well. They also provided sufficient scientific backing to stop any of my “yeah but…” moments!

I didn’t know what to expect from the course upon commencement, but at the very least, if I was to walk away with a tiny slice of the cracking cake Andrea now calls life, I would be a happy chappie indeed. I admit to rolling my eyes at a few of the “this course changed my life” testimonials when initially embarking, but was evidently curious enough to enroll – and I’m so pleased I did!

It genuinely has changed aspects of my life for the better!

I don’t doubt for a second that the continued application of its theory and practical exercises will have a cumulative effect in giving me a pretty hefty slice of that cake, too.

I absolutely will recommend this course. I’d say: “Get in there son, there isn’t a single person out there who could deny their linen closet was shy of a little Spring cleaning – you’ll learn things about yourself that you thought you never needed to know. Or wanted to know… but you need to know those things too!”


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