Andrea! You’re an INCREDIBLE teacher. Approachable, relatable, credible, passionate, supportive, encouraging, straight-talking, calm, clear, knowledgeable, inspirational! You answer every question fired at you in real time! How can I thank you enough? BGL has honestly changed my life and improved the lives of those around me who felt the negative effects of the old me.


 The full story:

I joined BGL 101 because I wanted to appreciate and be more grateful for what I have, and to feel happy and content with my life, relationships and myself. I wanted to appreciate the here and now, rather than continually over-analysing the past and planning for the future. I wanted to feel more positive, calmer, in control of my emotions and able to adapt when things don’t go to plan. I wanted to stop all the worry and my black and white thinking. I wanted to be able to make decisions! I massively wanted to stop being so self-destructive. I wanted to be kinder to myself and others, without emotional insecurity and judgement, just acceptance. I wanted to improve my self-worth and self-confidence, and to believe that I am enough – just me – without needing to change EVERYTHING.

This course resonated so much with me.

All the information on the website and Andrea’s e-mails. I found myself saying ‘yes – that’s me!’ It just seemed like such a good fit. I had previously done the 8 week online MBSR course which introduced me to mindfulness and I knew that this concept and approach was right for me. After e-mailing Andrea I could see that BGL was about practising mindfulness throughout your normal day and being able to use the techniques in real time. This is what I needed, so I decided that this was the course for me. I am over the moon that I joined!

BGL has changed my life big time! I feel infinitely more positive, I don’t feel stuck.

I feel like I can tune into the here and now relatively easily. I’m noticing and am grateful for what is  right in front of me instead of seeing all the issues. I’m over-analysing the past and worrying about the future  far less than I used to. I feel like I am able to really feel what’s going on in my body, my senses feel heightened to what’s going on around  me and my mind actually has quieter moments without the relentless beating-myself-up and negative chatter. I’m not so self-destructive. I don’t procrastinate quite so much and boring jobs aren’t boring anymore! Things that got to me before, don’t anymore. My immediate relationships have improved. I don’t feel anywhere near as stressed, anxious or down. I’m prioritising what I know I need and value and I am able to handle strong emotions much better and not react so extremely. I feel calmer and am better able to make decisions, I’m not beating myself up and instead I am putting me first for once and it feels good! The list is endless… I feel so excited to  see what’s next! I know I’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible with mindfulness!

Andrea! You are an INCREDIBLE teacher.

Approachable, relatable, credible, passionate, supportive, encouraging, straight-talking, calm, clear, very knowledgeable, believable, able to answer any questions fired at you in real time! Inspirational!

Everything about the course was brilliant! The way the course was facilitated – online so that it can be completed at a time that works for you was perfect. Bite-sized and straightforward videos with more in-depth resources for additional insights, information and opinions. The transcripts were super-helpful for re-reading and highlighting key areas as well as being very easy to follow and well-structured. The way the course was relatable, relevant and applicable to everyday life with practices that could be carried out on everyday experiences.

You never felt alone during the course. Andrea totally gets it and makes everyone feel very normal and capable of making changes.

Sharing the experiences with the wider group on Facebook and the live calls was amazing and really helped to overcome the mind chatter that ‘it’s only me that feels like this’.

The online training videos are absolutely awesome! 30-40 minutes of pure genius each week! Clear, succinct, understandable, relevant, well-structured, approachable. Just brilliant!

The group of awesome humans  – similar to above. Prior to starting the course, I had no idea of  the power and benefits of sharing this with other people but this really has been a highlight for me. People think of things differently to how I do, or ask a question I didn’t realise I needed answering too, and support each other in ways that makes you feel extremely grateful to others and not so alone.

It’s inspiring.

The Facebook Group, again, similar to above. I really liked that there was a forum to be able to express anything 24/7 and have the support of others. As people were on this course from all over the world, you always knew that someone would be awake and might hear you and offer their support! I found it very helpful to read what other people were going through and the advice offered by others or Andrea.

Andreas support in the Facebook group was great! Andrea was so quick to respond and offer such helpful advice. I always felt like Andrea was there for us.

The Live group coaching calls were amazing! I didn’t know how much I would speak up or how comfortable I would be with sharing my examples.

But I found that the more I put in, the more I got out.

It was inspiring to see the level of vulnerability and honesty on the calls. And just how many other people go through similar things that you think you’re on your own with. The benefits of this group element was a pleasant surprise for me and has made me realise and appreciate the effects of supporting each other in a group environment. Being able to ask questions and have Andrea’s real time and on-the-spot responses was incredibly helpful and made me realise that mindfulness really can help to solve just about any situation. The calls made mindfulness even more credible and powerful to me.

The workbooks are brilliant! I loved this element.

They were great for recapping on the module content for that week and the homework. I liked the space to prompt and record the findings for each mindful practice. I always find writing things out a really powerful way to really notice what’s happening.

I loved the additional information and opinions of other experts in the module resources. This made the course even more credible, to see where all the insights and knowledge have been gathered from. I loved the recommendations for additional ways to incorporate mindfulness into our lives.

I would recommend BGL in a heartbeat to everyone because in my opinion;

“OMG it has been absolutely incredible! This course will change your life – do it!!”

How can I thank you enough Andrea? Your course has honestly changed my life and improved the lives of those around me who were feeling the negative effects of the person that I was becoming. I know that mindfulness will forever be a part of my life now and I’m so excited to see what else can improve. I’m starting to feel real joy again! Thank you, thank you, thank you Andrea! I will forever be grateful to you.


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Bloody Good Life DIY is about to open for 5 days only!

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