Kate, Insurance Advisor, NZ

Kate, Insurance Advisor, NZ


From the outside looking in things were going ok, but I just wasn’t happy. Unmotivated and irritable, I signed up to BGL101 and the significant life changes started to arrive. BGL101 is really powerful shit. Everyone must do it! Don’t waste another second thinking about it because this course is life-changing, I promise you’ll see results.


The full story:

Before I started working with Andrea, things were going ok. From the outside looking in, I had a great job, fabulous Fiancee, wonderful new home, two cool stepchildren and a beautiful dog. But I just wasn’t happy. Was there more to life? I felt like the mouse in the wheel. I felt like there was this big life-maximising-potential-thing and I was missing out on it.

In addition, I was tired, irritable and a bit over everything. As a usually, motivated individual, I just couldn’t figure out where it was going wrong.

Then I realised that signing up for Andrea’s BGL101 was potentially going to be life-changing, and I didn’t want to miss out.

I downloaded Andrea’s morning-time rule book (my name for it) and I quickly realised this lovely lady was onto something.

The first major realisation came in week one when one of the questions asked was “when was the last time you felt joy?”. It stopped me in my tracks because I couldn’t remember for the life of me when I’d last experienced pure inner-smiley joy. What on earth are we here for, if not joy?  So, as you can imagine, seeking out some joy went to the top of my list.

The significant life changes continued to come, one by one.

Now, my irritability is almost gone, and I have a new way of dealing with problems that arise, that doesn’t leave my head spinning out of control.

BGL101 is really powerful shit.

Andrea has put together an extraordinarily well rounded and researched programme in an easy to understand format. The fortnightly sessions keep you on track and the teachings within each session are brilliant. The workbooks have been so good that I’ve printed them out and kept all of my notes so I can refer to them anytime. The way the whole programme is delivered is first class.

Andrea herself is fun, quirky, down to earth, quick to question and fantastic to talk with.

Andrea is clever at succinctly summing up the garbage that comes out of your mouth and putting it in new terms so that it’s easier to tackle.

Andrea is super-lovely, generous and a light in the dark. Do BGL101! Don’t waste another second thinking about it because this stuff is life-changing and I promise you’ll feel and see results.


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