BGL101 is brilliant and well worth the investment. Andrea is intelligent, insightful, authentic, relatable and fantastic to work with. She can explain complex concepts in a way that make sense, and asks the right questions to get you thinking about the heart of a matter. BGL gives you tools to set you up for life.


The full story:

I was feeling out of control of both my life and my mind. I felt like my mind was controlling me. I felt dissatisfied with various aspects of my life, despite also recognising that I have an amazing life in many aspects. I wanted to be more appreciative of what I have. I also wanted to find more motivation with work, be more disciplined so that I would procrastinate less, and find more joy in life!

Since completing BGL I feel more in control of my life.

I have the power to make decisions and choose to spend my time more mindfully.  I feel more confident in everyday life and I no longer let the old stories my mind tells me define what I do and think anywhere near as much anymore. I feel my relationship with my Mum has improved (this was one of my goals), and even with my other relationships, I feel slightly more connected to the important people in my life right now.

Andrea’s style really fitted well with me which initially drew me to the program. It seemed to be targeting people like me, which turned out to be right! I also liked the combination of videos and activities to complete in your own time, these worked so well with the regular coaching sessions.

BGL101 is brilliant, and well worth the investment.

Andrea was fantastic to work with, both in the coaching sessions and in the video modules (I felt like I was working with her, even though I was just listening and watching!).  Andrea’s style, and the style of the program was perfect for me and exactly what I had hoped for after having done the Six Days to Decisiveness challenge (take note: I highly recommend that you try this, and if you relate to it, then you will 100% relate to and benefit massively from BGL101 too!). I feel calmer, more confident, more in control of my life, more content with and appreciative of what I have, and far less anxious. If you’re like me, BGL101 will give you the tools to start a journey to set you up for life.

Andrea is intelligent, insightful, authentic and relatable.

She is able to explain complex concepts in a way that makes sense, and ask the right questions to get you to think about the heart of a matter.

I would tell and encourage all of my friends and family to do BGL! I would tell them that I really feel that the program was worth every cent and more!! It’s given me tools to be able to go forth on my own. It’s a great mix of videos and activities to complete in your own time, with the accountability and personal nature of the fortnightly sessions with Andrea. You do however, need to commit to it, dedicate time to it, do the modules and the exercises and continue to make an effort to be mindful every day.

Well done Andrea!

It’s really a brilliant program, you have done a really good job and should be proud of what you’ve created!  


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