Julie, Communications Consultant, UK

Julie, Communications Consultant, UK


I was on the brink of making a really big change in my life and I wanted help to push through the fears surrounding that. I now feel clearer on my values, have more confidence to make decisions, and feel more comfortable with uncertainty. I found the BGL 101 content intellectually fascinating!


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I saw an interview with Andrea and after checking out her website I recognised myself in the description of the ‘indecisive perfectionist’ types she likes to work with.

I was on the brink of making a really big change in my life.

Quitting my job and moving to Bali to experiment with new business ideas. I wanted some help to push through the fears surrounding that, and to tune in to what I really wanted so I could design a life that felt more like me.

I now feel clearer on my values, which has given me more confidence to make decisions going forward.

I also feel more comfortable with uncertainty as I know that I always have a choice in how I respond to any situation. I am now able to recognise the familiar and unhelpful stories my mind likes to tell me and am able to distance myself from them.

I found the BGL 101 content intellectually fascinating, and the homework got me to focus on practical techniques that I can use for life. Having a new module every fortnight means you can try out techniques one by one and build over time.

Andrea is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and down-to-earth.

I like that Andrea explains the science behind each technique.

BGL 101 is a hands-on life and mindfulness coaching course that will help you tame your mind so you can move towards the life you really want. If you’re ready to invest the time to work on yourself so you can get out of your own way and make the most out of your life then go for it!


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G'day, I'm Andrea

I'm a mindfulness facilitator and former cynical pessimist.

I used to be an awkward, pessimistic, overachiever.

Life looked good on the outside, but on the inside things were average.

I was indecisive, I didn't know what to do with my life, I self-sabotaged the hell out of my relationships.

I had a feeling I was going to keep f-ing things up for myself unless something radical changed.

The life handbrake-turn that followed over the next few years came as the result of learning what I now teach in my unconventional mind-taming program for indecisive overachievers - Bloody Good Life. Just practical, relatable techniques without any rainbow and butterfly jibber jabber.