Jenna, Project manager, Melbourne

Jenna, Project manager, Melbourne


Andrea has opened my eyes and taught me so much about my own mind and how to live a “bloody good life.” BGL has given me incredible tools and skills that have changed how I see myself, others and how I feel about my life. It’s truly life changing. Do it, you’ll never look back!


The full story:

I spent a lot of time dwelling on the past or wishing for future things whilst feeling stuck in the present without any real direction. Andrea’s down to earth honesty made me feel as though mindfulness was an attainable thing that could actually help me, so I signed up to BGL.

The techniques I have learnt have been lifesavers, helping me to respond instead of react. I’m more aware of my thoughts and the fact that these are not who I am. The separation from my thoughts has changed so much for me. I’m not the negative voice in my head and I feel lighter just knowing that.

BGL feels like having the secret key to be able to actually live my life. Happy.

Andrea’s personality means she makes and delivers the content in a relatable way, with humour that made me laugh out loud at times.

The online training videos made me feel as though Andrea was talking one on one with me, bringing the workbooks to life and giving me all the extra bits that helped me be able to learn. They were super valuable.

Being part of a group whilst doing BGL made me feel like I was a part of something bigger and not alone. The facebook group helped keep BGL present in my mind and the additional support and feedback from Andrea was amazing. It was really beneficial and added another layer of value to the program.

The live group coaching calls were incredibly insightful.

It was also very valuable watching the recordings of them.

I’m the kind of person who learns by doing and writing things down so the workbooks really filled that need and put me in a place to reflect on the video modules, whilst also prompting me to think and dig deeper on my journey.

The module resources were also super helpful. I like having all the extra sources and bits of information.

Receiving the card in the mail from Andrea was amazing. It was another one of those little things she did that proved she actually cares about each of us and our journeys.

Andrea & BGL have opened my eyes and taught me so much about my own mind and how to have a “bloody good life.”

I was always dwelling on the past mistakes and hurtful moments, daydreaming of a different future whilst being stuck not doing anything to get me there. Life was mostly on autopilot, a war raging with my own mind from years of depression.

BGL has given me incredible tools and taught me skills that have changed how I see myself, others and how I feel about my life.

Thank you Andrea, you, your team and BGL are AWESOME!!

The gift you have given me is truly life changing.

I suggest that everyone do it, you will never look back!


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