Jane, Legal Secretary, NZ

Jane, Legal Secretary, NZ


Andrea has such a wonderful way of teaching which instantly makes you feel like you’re not alone in how you’re feeling. I really looked forward to checking in each week and watching the videos. It’s really exciting witnessing changes in your life that come about thanks to this brilliant course. It’s just fantastic! Do it!!


The full story:

I was seriously struggling with a lack of direction, purpose and sense of self. I was suffering from anxiety and depression.

Andrea’s lighthearted way of teaching and humour drew me in and gave me the desire to work with her. I first completed her six day to decisiveness challenge and Andrea’s brilliant approach made me feel comfortable and excited to commit to this course.

Since completing BGL, I feel much more aware of myself.

I notice when I am triggered and can bring myself back from it easily now. Things just don’t seem like such a big deal or bother me in the same way anymore. I am taking notice of my emotions and it has really helped to significantly reduce my anxiety and anger.

Every time I sat to watch one of the online training videos I instantly felt better about things. Andrea is just so relatable.

The videos were extremely valuable.

Throughout the course you can assess and track your progress which is very helpful to show how far you’ve come and what changes you have made. The module resources are also very valuable and give you further information on what you are learning.

Andrea has such a wonderful way of teaching which instantly makes you feel like you are not alone in how you have been/are feeling. Checking in each week and watching the videos became something I really looked forward to and in return, I was noticing changes in my life from putting into practice all that we were learning.

It is really exciting noticing the changes in your life that come about thanks to this brilliant course.

I found it all-round fantastic and highly recommend it! I recommend that everyone atleast sign up for the six day to decisiveness free course and go from there!!

Thank you so much Andrea! :-)


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