Helen, Entrepreneur, UK

Helen, Entrepreneur, UK


I was in limbo in most areas of my life. I lacked focus and motivation. BGL 101 changed my life. Andrea is a living testimony to the power of her methods! I now feel completely confident that I have the necessary tools to manage any difficult life situation. Would I recommend it? HELL YES!


 The full story:

I was in limbo in most areas of my life. I couldn’t work out where to put my focus. If I was to improve my fitness, would motivation come? Should I work out my business situation and then motivation might come? Do I just screw it all and force myself to feel motivated? I had tried to motivate myself from each of these different angles, but ended up just going around in circles.

…and then I signed up for Andrea’s Bloody Good Life course.

I had been following Andrea’s blog for a while and in each post that she talked about her life and herself (pre-BGL), I felt like she was describing me exactly. I felt if it could work for her then it would work for me too. I loved the BGL course outline as her methods and theories were grounded in research and backed up with science. This really appealed to me.

I cannot believe the difference the course has made to my life.

I have dropped so many expectations of myself (and others) and I am just so much kinder to myself. I feel completely confident that I have the necessary tools to manage difficult situations in my life and I no longer expect life to be perfect. This has led to a greater sense of peace and calm. I am still working on progressing my business and moving out of limbo but I feel really confident that when I implement the principles of what Andrea has taught us, I will be able to make great progress (and decisions) every step of the way.

I love the availability of resources and information. Andrea has put so much care into making an extremely complex topic, readily accessible. The support Andrea provides you and the rest of your group, through the calls and facebook group is instrumental in making lasting changes in your life.

Awesome is the definitely the word to describe the group that I was lucky enough to work with.

It is so encouraging and motivating to know that there are people all over the world, dealing with similar problems to you and wanting to improve their life in the same way.

The Facebook Group is amazing. Andrea and our group were incredibly responsive and you could guarantee that any questions asked (and discussed) would benefit you or someone else in the group as well. Andrea’s support in the group was invaluable and constant. Andrea shared her unique value to our experience for the entire time that we were on the course.

The live group coaching calls were excellent. It was such a great way to learn from each others questions, answers and experiences. I felt so supported.

What an amazing group of inspiring women I was working with.

Andrea provides a variety of resources to suit every learning style. I loved being able to go more in depth on the topics that interested me the most and learn about the science behind the ideas and methods that Andrea teaches.

I feel that one of Andrea’s greatest assets with her business is her honesty. The BGL program is not just theoretical for her. Andrea passionately believes in what she teaches and is a living testimony to the power of her methods! Very inspiring!

Bloody Good Life 101 is quite simply life changing. Would I recommend it to others? HELL YES!

It is a fantastic foundation on which to build your mindfulness practice and I couldn’t have asked for a better start!

Massive thank you to you Andrea. I have a little way to go with some of the areas of my life that I want to change, but thanks to you, I feel able and ready to make those changes.


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