Grant, Gardener, NZ

Grant, Gardener, NZ


Are you are feeling a bit lost, lacking direction and you know that you are capable of more? Are you absolutely wanting to figure out what you love doing again and where your passions and values lie? Do you want a very helpful, knowledgeable and down to earth teacher? …Then you MUST do this course!!


The full story:

I was feeling like I never had enough time to do what I wanted. I wondered whether I should stay in my job or not as it was kind of linked to my passions, but not entirely. I was trying to connect with what I used to love doing and was wondering which direction to take.

My partner raved about the BGL101 course and I really liked the sound of it.

Some of it resonated with me. I felt like I had no well-defined values and felt like I really, really wanted to re-connect with my passions.

This course has helped me so much in rediscovering my passions and starting to follow my ideas and dreams. I’ve started linking my values to my work and everyday life in general which makes a huge difference.

I really loved reflecting on my childhood and answering all the questions about me and what I love to do. 

The online training videos were just great.

I liked the fact that I could see Andrea and really listen to the way she talked. It helped a lot seeing her gestures and mannerisms. Plus her down to earth character and her incredible knowledge is so great!

Her understanding of how shit life can be and how to pull yourself out of it really came through in the videos.

They live calls were great. It was so good to see the other people in the group and communicate with them.

They all had similar issues to me and shared some great insights and useful information.

The work books that followed were also enjoyable (and that is coming from someone that normally hates school like homework activities). The layout of the work books is very well done!

If you are feeling a bit lost and lacking direction in life and you know that you are capable of more.. If you absolutely want to figure out what you love doing again and where your passions and values lie… If you want a very helpful, knowledgeable and down to earth teacher (journey sharer)…

then you MUST do this course!!!

It was a great course for me. I talk about it a lot and would recommend it to everyone!!


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