Georgie, Teacher, France

Georgie, Teacher, France


I ABSOLUTELY recommend BGL101 to anyone. Before BGL101 I was really struggling with self doubt and anxiety. Andrea is like a best friend that you can talk to about absolutely anything and she’ll never make you feel judged at all. She’s an incredible coach and has so much knowledge on all of the science behind what she talks about.



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Before signing up for Bloody Good Life 101, I was really struggling with being totally stuck in my mind which led to a very out of character lack of motivation and not knowing how to deal with the negative thought trains, self doubt and anxiety that I was constantly experiencing.

It was so helpful to realise that I am not a complete weirdo and in fact, so many people are struggling with similar problems and frustrations in their daily lives!! I learnt very quickly that if you actually practice what Andrea preaches, you are going to start to notice significant positive changes in all aspects of your life so quickly, its awesome.

I have noticed a huge reduction in the anxiety I was experiencing before I started working with Andrea.

Andrea is like a best friend that you can talk to about absolutely anything and she will never make you feel judged at all.

She is an incredibly good listener, very thoughtful, dedicated and honest. She is very easy to relate to and has so much knowledge on all of the science behind what she talks about.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Bloody Good Life 101 to anyone, without a doubt. 

I am halfway through my coaching with Andrea and I have already recommended her to several of my friends!

I have learnt so much from every session that I have done with Andrea so far. I’ve learnt several tools that I can use to help me deal with certain frustrations when they arise and all of which help to prevent me constantly being stuck in my own mind. Andrea has had an explanation for everything I have talked to her about thus far.

I’m always looking forward to our next session!

Andrea is an incredible coach and comes highly recommended. She’s awesome.



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