Frances, PR consultant, Melbourne

Frances, PR consultant, Melbourne


Before BGL (group) I had lost touch with who I was and what I wanted in life. I knew that I needed to change, but wasn’t sure how. Now, I have the confidence to make important decisions. I feel more at peace with myself and am motivated to do the things that make me happy.


The full story:

I was feeling frustrated by my lack of understanding of my feelings and emotions. I was unsure about what I wanted in my daily life. I felt like I had lost touch with who I was and how I wanted to lead the rest of my life. I had lost my sense of humour. I knew that I needed to be growing and changing myself (rather than my career), but I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

I had been following Project Self for a while on social media and all of her blog posts, thoughts and ideas really resonated with me.

I needed someone to help me practically apply some change into my life and it seemed Andrea had the knowledge to help me achieve this.

So, I signed up for Bloody Good Life (group).

I feel like I’m only just getting started on this significant change in my thinking and approach to life, however, a lot has happened already.

I’ve been able to make some massive (positive) decisions based around my work/life balance, which I had not been able to make confidently before.

I’m way more aware of how easily my mind can influence me, and as a result, I’ve managed to stop having such a roller-coaster of emotions. BGL (group) has helped me to feel more at peace with myself. I have more motivation and it is changing the way I think about my goals by motivating me to do the things that make me happy.

BGL course has taught me about self-sabotage, why meditation isn’t for fun-loving hippies and it has reminded me that I love to learn from other people. It has also made me realise that I hate negative banter and fake people…the list goes on.

I found the practicality of the course excellent. The structure is clear and simple which is great because I had to fit it in around a busy family life.

Andrea’s humour and way of sharing information is interesting. I loved the group sharing element of the course, it enabled me to learn from other people’s learnings.

I loved the sense of support I felt from working in a group of awesome humans.

The online training videos were great! It is really good that they are broken down into easy-to-digest concepts. You’re trying to take in a lot of information and create change at the same time, so the clear layout of information is important.

The Facebook group was great as it enabled myself and the other group members to have contact between live calls where we could check in on how each other were doing. We found that we would end up discussing our mid-week issues and questions through this group.

Andrea’s support in the Facebook group was also key as she offered really great advice. She was always responsive and gave us lots of extra information.

The live group coaching calls made it all the more personal, which was important. Not only were these calls great to hear each other’s questions and struggles, but also the achievements of the group members too.

I really love the module resources. I will be going back to them again and again.

Bloody Good Life is a modern and practical course for making immediate, positive change in people looking for a happier existence. There isn’t one person I know that shouldn’t have a crack. It would be impossible to walk away without learning anything.

Thanks for putting yourself out there and making a positive difference to the world Andrea.



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