Fiona, Ireland

Fiona, Ireland



I feel like I’ve got my sassiness and zest for life back. Before BGL 101 I had absolutely no mental clarity, I was ‘stuck in a rut’ and was unsure how to move forward. BGL 101 has given me more back than I could have imagined. I genuinely feel happy from the inside out.


The full story:

I feel like I’ve got my sassiness and zest for life back. I felt so stuck, and now I feel released, even though nothing much has changed externally. My mind is clearer, my decision making is clearer.

Before Bloody Good Life 101 I had absolutely no mental clarity, I felt like I was wading through mud, and the more I couldn’t think the more frustrated I got.

I was ‘stuck in a rut’ with my career and was unsure where or how to move forward. I thought I was confined by my situation and therefore stuck and bored with my life.

The program was such a worthwhile investment in getting to know me. I learnt that I wasn’t confined or trapped by my situation, I was always in control of my life, I just had to pay less attention to my mind. It helped me to become accountable and take action to get to where I wanted.

Bloody Good Life 101 has given me more back than I could have imagined. I genuinely feel happy from the inside out.

A couple of my friends actually said it to me – you’re so much clearer in everything you think and do now. I feel the clearest I have ever been. My paralysis by over thinking has stopped, I don’t ruminate on things anymore. I’ve proven to myself that I am never stuck through external influences, only by how I perceive them..

Andrea is passionate, direct and supportive. Her practical techniques are refreshingly non fluffy or airy fairy, they are relatively simple but do not underestimating them – they work.

I wholeheartedly recommend Project Self to all high achieving, stuck, over thinkers.

It’s one of the few chances in life where you can truly invest in yourself and learn some skills and techniques to take with you through life and all that life throws at you.

Thank you so much Andrea, I’d have been lost without your help.



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