Esme, Singapore

Esme, Singapore


Without sounding cheesy, BGL has literally changed my life. I was very sceptical before I started and I’m quite shocked at how much this has changed me! Meeting Andrea and like-minded people makes you realise you’re not alone in your struggles. Their help and support has been beyond fantastic. I strongly recommend BGL to everyone!


The full story:

I was suffering from anxiety, lack of self confidence, procrastinating and finding myself constantly being overwhelmed.

Since completing BGL, I am more able to notice my mind’s thoughts and emotions and catch them before they spiral out of control. I feel calmer and enjoy my days much more. It has given me a greater understanding of how the mind and body works; I loved learning the science behind why we do certain things and react the way we do.

I love how the course is delivered in a way which was on my level.

Just the right balance of science. Andrea talks from experience and is very down to earth and explains concepts in an easy to understand way.

The online training videos were great. I find it hard to absorb information from just sitting down and reading so the videos make it more interactive and interesting.

The group of awesome humans was a great way to meet like minded people and realise that you are not alone with these struggles.

The Facebook Group was an excellent way to vent problems, ask questions and get quick answers and support.

Andrea’s support in the Facebook group was so brilliant. I am so impressed with Andrea’s quick and thorough responses!

The workbook was a real motivator to put in to practice what we had learnt each week and really sit down and think about things.

I found the resources brilliant, they were great extra reading and research and really relevant.

Without wanting to sounding too cheesy, BGL has literally changed my life.

I was very sceptical before I started the course and I am quite shocked at how much this has changed me. The course is well put together in bite size chunks with techniques to practice each week. It can be quite hard to make changes in your life when you’re stuck in a rut, but meeting Andrea and like-minded people in this group will make you realise it’s not just you and their help and support has been beyond fantastic.

I would recommend this course to anyone!

Mindfulness is a real game changer! I wish I had learnt about it sooner!


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