Erisa, Business start up, UK

Erisa, Business start up, UK


I felt as though life was reaching ”mission impossible” for me.. but BGL opened my eyes to a whole new world in which to explore; to breathe; to be. I loved the knowledge, information and support of the program. You’re emerged in a learning experience unlike any other. I 101% recommend that everyone do BGL!


The full story:

I had been struggling with feelings of loneliness, abandonment, rejection and ”not good enough” thoughts. I really saw life as ”mission impossible”.

Because of all the negative feelings I was experiencing, I couldn’t shift the way I was seeing and handling life, no matter how hard my efforts were to replace my thoughts with more positive ones. I was trapped in a loop of negativity and self blame, I couldn’t get out.

I signed up to BGL because Andrea’s personal story really struck a chord with me.

I believed that it could be possible for me too, to get out of this struggle I was experiencing.

I am so thankful for the program because it gave me the choice to make space for all those feelings that, until now, would literally threaten my life. Now, nothing seems that threatening. I can lie in my bed and make space for everything, instead of running around like a headless chicken, trying to avoid experiencing the mayhem!

I had only read self help books before the course and they were not helping as they would push me to compulsive positive thinking that made me sick of how fake it felt.

BGL opened a whole new world for me. To explore, to breathe, to be.

I loved the knowledge and the information in the program. The online training videos were beautiful, rich in meaning and Andrea would explain complicated things with ease and make them so simple! I really enjoyed them.

The Facebook Group was great. To be seen, felt and heard by people in different parts of the world, with different lifestyles was really rewarding and helpful.

Andreas support in the Facebook group was perfect!! She was like a wise friend making us feel safe. She  would come and redirect the thoughts to a more conscious outlook.

The live group coaching calls were so great!

Although I was unable to attend some of them, I would always watch the recordings and they would be so useful. Like a heartfelt chat over coffee with old friends.

The workbook was a really good size and rich in information. At the end of each one, I would feel as though I had done some serious work and really solidified my learning in the course.

The module resources were excellent. I was looking forward to those. I found them like the cherry on the cake. I was always surprised and excited for the resources and the beautiful videos.

I would 101% recommend that everyone do BGL! I can’t recommend it enough!

I would tell anyone thinking about doing it, to prepare to emerge in a learning experience that you have never had before in any school. You will learn about yourself and see for the first time, once you start peeling all those layers of dead petals away, that you are a beautiful lotus flower, crisp, beautiful and whole! What a revelation!


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