Emma, Teacher, Melbourne

Emma, Teacher, Melbourne


BGL 101(group) was bloody awesome!! It has totally changed my life. I was struggling with my monkey mind and the constant chatter that I couldn’t seem to settle or escape from. Now, I appreciate the smaller moments in life rather than looking for the ‘next thing’ to bring me happiness or joy.


The full story:

BGL 101(group) has totally changed my life, I loved everything we learnt.

Before BGL 101 (group) I was struggling with my monkey mind and the constant chatter that i couldn’t seem to settle or escape from. I was also having relationship issues.

I chose the program because Andrea’s posts really resonated with me and I already had an interest in mindfulness and wanted to increase my knowledge and skill set.

Since finishing BGL101 (group) I now have an awareness of the mind not being who I am, which is seriously life changing!! Knowing that you have the choice to let those thoughts go and not define you is an amazing feeling. I have the knowledge and ability to sit with my emotions and try and really feel them which has allowed them to pass more quickly which has been fantastic.

I am more present with my children and appreciate the smaller moments in life now rather than looking for the ‘next thing’ to bring me happiness or joy.

What did I love about BGL 101 (group)? EVERYTHING!! The huge amount of knowledge around mindfulness, the toolbox of strategies I can start using in my daily life, and the support from both Andrea and the other group members was amazing.

The group was amazing!! It was so nice to connect with a like minded group. I only wish they all lived in Melbourne so we could meet up!

The big benefit that I didn’t think of was learning off each other. I loved that a lot of things that other people are going through, I could relate to and take on-board to the advice they got too. That was really helpful.

The training videos were super helpful, very easy to watch and a good length. It was great to be able to go back and listen to that module again, which I quite often did, that was really useful

Love the Facebook group! Because it was great to sort of have a point that you could go to when you’re doing the modules and if you had a question, it was also a great place for the group to chat and support each other and give advice. It was great that Andrea took the time to really answer any questions in huge detail.

And the extra resources were useful, I read them all and watched the extra videos which were great! I really loved the live group coaching calls and was surprised at how much I was able to learn of the other members.

The new knowledge and tools you will walk away with are life changing. Add to that the amazing people you will connect with and Andrea, and you have a once in a lifetime experience! It will totally change your life for the better and open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world.

I loved the course so much!  I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone. It will absolutely, without a doubt, change your life! If you think you don’t have time, especially if you put everyone else before yourself, (and if you’re a mum), this will help you beyond anything, as well as will help you be more effective with your time. Make time for yourself for a change! 

BGL 101 (group) was bloody awesome!!  Thank you Andrea for all you have done to help me and move me in a new direction in my life xo


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