Ebony, Vet, Aus

Ebony, Vet, Aus


The minute I read one of Andrea’s blogs, I knew I had to work with her. I instantly felt connected through her creative, raw, humorous writing. Working with Andrea was real, honest and open. She speaks the truth and doesn’t set you up for unrealistic results. I honestly feel like now I have super powers!


The full story:

I was feeling really in need of something to help me tap into my mind and help me to ‘tame my dragon!’ :p My older sister who lives in Bali raved on and on about BGL. She sent me some of the BGL blogs and short videos, and after reading just one blog, I was sure I wanted to work with Andrea. I instantly felt connected through her creative, raw and humorous writing style.  After starting BGL 101, I realised that Andrea had planned the modules in such a careful way, to ensure that everything was completely accessible to everyone. I was able to implement all of the tools into my daily life with ease which is completely invaluable, because I was often very guilty of finding the tools and techniques, but never keeping myself accountable.

The changes I have seen are so extensive.

I haven’t ‘sweat the small stuff’ anywhere near as much as I previously was guilty of doing. Now, 85-90% of the time when things go wrong, or, when I am feeling super stressed like my brain is going to come out of my ears, I’m able to pause and find that gap to enable me to acknowledge the situation for what it ‘actually’ is and then decide how I am going to react. My relationships with my partner and family have become truly amazing thanks to this!

Learning what I have from BGL honestly makes me feel like I have super powers (like Sabrina the teenage witch).

Something else I am so grateful to be better at thanks to BGL is making decisions and being okay with the idea of not being 100% sure and confident that it’s the right decision. Learning to be present as often as I can has been so helpful because I focus on what is happening right now, instead of what could happen in the future or what happened in the past.

You just can’t put a price on living a bloody good life!! What you resist will most definitely persist. I am so bloody grateful that I got involved with BGL 101 because now I’m at peace with my mind and have control over the way I’m living my life.

Working with Andrea was so real. She is so honest and open.

She speaks the truth and doesn’t set you up for unrealistic results. She is open about her life and gives scenarios from her own journey to help you understand we are all somewhat the same. She is funny. She has this amazing sense of humour and isn’t shy about being different. She is inspiringly creative. She goes outside the box to help people understand things, even if it means it’s a little less corporate/serious. She has a really great way of captivating you so that you don’t get caught up in over analysing.  

BGL is a must for everyone.

I would like to send all my nearest and dearest the intro video as well as steal their phones to “like” the project self page and make sure all of Andrea’s blogs are set to be at the top of the news feed at all times on their facebook!! I would absolutely encourage anyone considering to do this course. Deciding to do BGL is the best decision anyone can make. I hope to inspire people into doing BGL and to live their own bloody good lives by being my bloody good self and inspiring them to want the same energy and journey I am now on thanks to Andrea!

A million thank you’s in this lifetime wouldn’t even justify the peace of mind and “zen” your BGL coaching program has given me.

I would just like to give you a massive, huge, giant, cyber HUG for changing my life. I really hope one day I can help people the way you have been able to help me :) xxxx

PS I’ve been compiling pictures of lots of boxer pups that have been coming into work lately JUST FOR YOU :)


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