BGL is a pragmatic, life changing course! Pre-BGL, my life felt chaotic and out of control. My emotions were everywhere. I was frequently unhappy and had no idea why or how to fix it. Ten weeks later and I feel so much calmer, happier and more in control of both my life and my mind!


The full story:

I felt that I wasn’t living my life at all, I was constantly unhappy and over-analysing every single detail and decision. I felt trapped. I was too scared by the uncertainty of change. I was constantly procrastinating by fixating on the next thing that would make me happy, and in the process, making myself more unhappy by failing to achieve anything or enjoy anything here and now.

I had no idea how to get out of the cycle I had found myself in.

I had been following Andrea on Facebook for a while and had participated in her other courses, which I had found eye opening. So I decided to sign up.

BGL has given me a much greater understanding of my own thought processes and reactions, and helped me to separate from that rather than being a victim to it.

I liked understanding things from a psychological / physiological perspective rather than being required to buy into something more spiritual.

I just loved the pragmatic approach of BGL and total lack of all things “woo woo.”

The course was accessible and took a step by step approach to introducing mindfulness, allowing me to build on my learning each week, which made it much easier to get to grips with and implement.

The online training videos were very helpful. The short chunks made them easy to fit in and they clearly explained and took me through the topic, from scientific background, to objectives, tools and practical approaches, right through to implementation.

The group of awesome humans were truly an amazing group!

Having somewhere to vent and take advice from others was a real asset. In the early stages I felt self conscious talking to people in the “real world” about the course, and it was so great to have an epic group going through it all alongside me to bounce things off of and offload on when needed.

Andreas support in the Facebook group was so great. Andrea was super responsive, and I found it really helpful when she could direct us to additional resources to assist with particular issues or queries.

I loved the workbooks and felt they were a critical aspect to implementing and reinforcing the videos.

The live group coaching calls were helpful and when I was unable to fit them into my schedule, I could watch back through them and I always found it helpful to hear the other group members’ comments and questions and to know that I wasn’t alone.

The module resources were really helpful to expand on particular points of interest to you or to just explore the topic more widely.  

Overall, BGL is a pragmatic and accessible course for getting to grips with why your brain makes life harder for you than it really needs to be! Prior to the course, my life (and my head) felt chaotic and out of control. My emotions were everywhere. I was unhappy frequently and I had no idea why or how to fix it.

Ten weeks later I feel so much more in control of both my life and my mind.

Andrea’s approach to mindfulness is one that can be easily understood and followed by even the most cynical out there, and the effects almost snuck up on me without my really expecting them! I’m calmer, I understand myself better, and although I’ve made no significant changes in my life during the course of the programme (no big job / relationship / lifestyle changes) everything just feels… better somehow. Like it’s MY life again and I can just get on with living and loving it!

I would absolutely recommend BGL to everyone! (And I have said this to more than one person already!)

It has changed my life and it will change yours too!


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