I was feeling totally stuck. Certain situations were stopping me from developing and moving forward with any part of my life. But BGL has changed everything. It’s the most incredible course and has helped me gain so much clarity. I’m thrilled I did this course and friends too, have noticed a positive shift in me!


The full story:

I was feeling stuck with my whole life situation, I’ve been in the same job, town and house for a long time without feeling that my life is really going anywhere and at the same time I’ve been completely paralysed with indecision about men/relationships which has taken over my life and stopped me from developing or moving forward with any part of it at all.

I saw the 6 Days to Decisiveness challenge on Facebook and I thought it was fab.

I loved how ‘normal’ Andrea was and how approachable and fun she seemed compared to my previous perception of mindfulness teachers. Plus, the fact that the techniques she introduced in the 6 days to decisiveness challenge were so simple, yet I could see straight away how effective they were.
I actually signed up to and completed, a mindfulness course between finishing the 6 days to decisiveness course and finally deciding to sign up for BGL101. The other course covered similar topics to Andrea’s BGL but it absolutely paled in comparison to the honesty and the engagement I found with BGL.

I am so thrilled I did it!

My situation is still really tricky and I haven’t made some of the bigger scarier changes that I plan to yet, but I feel a lot closer to being able to do that and a lot more in control of my situation. My friends have even commented that something seems to have shifted in me!  

BGL has made me aware that there will always be some sort of mind chatter and there will always be emotions, but I now know how to deal with these. I can see the things that I need to work on and even though some changes won’t be overnight, I can make a start on the things which I know will help me in the long run instead of shrinking away from them and hoping they will eventually sort themselves out .

BGL has helped with my anxiety about relationships.

I still don’t find them easy but I am starting to recognise when my gut is talking and when my mind is talking and this has given me some more clarity on what I want and need out of a relationship, so just with that clarity I feel way more in control of my relationship and I know that I’m much better equipped to deal with the hard times that life will inevitably throw at me.

The live group coaching calls were very very valuable.

So great meet such cool people who are all trying to get a slightly better grip of life, it makes you feel normal!! The questions and answers and the contributions and support from Andrea and the group were incredible. I also love the fact that the content of the live calls can be followed up in the facebook group with links and advice from all sorts of people.

The online training videos were really valuable, I will definitely watch them again (I already have watched some of them again).

Andrea has a way of explaining things that is so easy to understand and makes so much sense.

The videos are just the right length to watch when you have a busy life! The workbooks and module resources too are such an excellent addition!

The group of awesome humans and our facebook group were also really valuable. It is great to have other people’s perspectives on the techniques and learn from all the tips and tricks everyone has suggested. I love the fact that the facebook group is there and the things people do share are so lovely and encouraging! Andrea’s support in the Facebook group was next level helpful and valuable!

Thanks Andrea for all the support, responses and further information.

I toyed with the idea of doing BGL for months, and as I mentioned earlier, in the meantime I tried a different local mindfulness course which was ok, but I didn’t take much away from it once the course had finished. With BGL I can already tell I’ve got into good habits throughout the course and it’s been incredible in helping me to gain a bit of clarity about where I want to be in my life and I know I will keep these good habits going.

I’m so glad I did this course and my friends have commented that something has shifted in me (for the better!)

Thank you so much BGL team!

To anyone thinking about doing BGL I would say you absolutely should! It has really helped far beyond I ever imagined it would or could! Thank you so much Andrea!


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