Following on from my post about small boobs – I’ve had another thought.

There are no such thing as small boobs.

Everything is in relation to something else. So if I think I have small boobs, it’s only because in relation to what I see around me in society, my boobs are relatively small. But in general, they’re just boobs.

If everyone in Melbourne had the same size boobs as me, I wouldn’t notice, and I’d never have any negative thoughts about it. But really, I don’t give a damn how big everyone’s boobs are, because it’s irrelevant to my life!

We use words like smaller, bigger, fatter, skinnier, pastier, tanned-er (!), to compare ourselves to others.

But these words really mean nothing at all.

Being a redhead used to be what everyone wanted because it meant you had royal blood (all the Tudors were red headed). Being a big fat cherub used to be awesome and sexy too. Skinny little rakes like you see on catwalks would probably be burnt as witches or given treatment for scurvy back in the day.

[bctt tweet=”Our perception of ourselves should not be based on what’s around us.”]

Otherwise we have no control over our own happiness. There will always be someone prettier/ smarter/ handsomer/ stronger/ faster than us. If we spend our life wasting our time trying to fit in or get to the top of the Miss Universe pile, we really have missed the point.

You are something-er than everyone else. And everyone is something-er than you.

Stop letting it define you.

No one fits in, everyone is different, everyone has different sized boobs. Or no boobs. And none of it matters in the scheme of your life and happiness.

Unless you let it.

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Bloody Good Life DIY is about to open for 5 days only!

Get your name on the waitlist by clicking here.