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Intimacy used to feel supremely average for me.

I’d act my heart out, playing the part to make my partners feel good, but I didn’t love it like I thought I should.

I figured something must be wrong with me.

Relaxing into pleasure was not really in my repertoire.

I had such wonderful partners who tried so damn hard to work out how to bring me pleasure, but it didn’t seem to matter. I could never come, in any capacity.

My partners were always left disappointed. It was that that I cared about most, not my own pleasure.

I had no inkling that the subtle (and not so subtle) objectification that I’d experienced from a very young age, as we surely all do as women, had slowly but surely shut me down sexually, and twisted my ideas about female pleasure into a big shemozzle in my head.

And so, at a young age I decided to sweep it all under the carpet, where it lay dormant for the first 25 years of my life.

Until one day I came across an article that led me to another article that led me into

a Google fiesta deep dive into sexual self-development.

I found that in some ancient cultures, intimacy was considered an art form, a path to enlightenment, to self-understanding, and even a form of healing that was prescribed by doctors in Taoist China!

I discovered that I could study it just like I’d studied architecture.

But what I found when I tried to wade through Google

was a whole bunch of esoteric, breathy, bizzare rubbish, with a hefty dose of downright creepy.

Until I eventually came across Kim Anami, the first person who could explain these ancient concepts in a way that my practical, woo-adverse brain could take seriously.

I’d never taken an online course before but as soon as I found Kim’s Well F*%ked Woman program, I knew I had to sign up, immediately.

This was almost a decade ago now and I can honestly say it is hands down the most life-changing, enlightening, eye opening program I have ever done – and I’ve done many, many online programs since then.

If you know that niggling feeling that I felt

— the one that tells you you’re not quite inhabiting your body and your sexuality fully,

the part that whispers that you want more vibrancy and aliveness in your life and relationships…

I can’t recommend Kim’s Well F*%ked Woman course more highly. It’s open for registration now, and is only open once per year.

Kim has a free 7 day Coming Together video series, which you can sign up for over here for free if you’re curious to check out Kim’s work.

I initially did the WFW program when I was single, and it set the stage for my foray into Tinder dating. It helped me build my confidence (sexually and otherwise) and to get clear on what to look for in a partner.

It helped me to start resolving some of the issues that were stopping me from truly connecting with myself, and with the men I was dating.

I’ve no doubt that without the Well F*%ked Woman course, I would never in a million years have been able to create this incredible relationship with Bloody Good Bloke.

BGB has also taken the Sexual Mastery for Men program with Kim (free Sexual Mastery for Men video series here), and it has brought a whole new language and understanding into our relationship.

We use Kim’s tools all the time — not just in intimacy, but to navigate relationship conflict too. It’s even changed the way we both do chores around the house, and helped me learn to relax and let BGB take care of me sometimes too.

Not an easy feat for this recovering control freak over here who sometimes burns herself out by doing ALL THE THINGS!

I would have buggered up our relationship long ago if it weren’t for the concepts Kim taught me about years before we even met.

Head over here to check out the Well F*%ed Woman program (Even the sales page is an eye opener to read through even if you’re not ready to sign up!)

Or you can head over here to check out Kim’s free 7 day Coming Together video series if you’re curious to check out Kim’s work for free.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email me, I’m an open book and I only want you to sign up if it’s going to be as life changing for you as it was for me.

All the links in this post are affiliate links of wonderfability. I’m a big advocate for Kim’s programs, I hope they’ll bring as much joy and depth to your relationships as they have to mine.

If you sign up for any of Kim’s paid programs using any of the links in this email, you’ll also get access to my bonus module on Sex & Mindfulness. It’s one of my most honest and revealing video modules where I’ll share the biggest lessons I’ve learnt for improving my sex life and relationships.

If you’ve been thinking of doing the much loved Bloody Good Life program, this is your last chance. BGL will be closing its doors from July this year.

Learn to tame your overthinking mind and get clear on your direction (plus a handful of other benefits you won't expect).

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