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Why I suddenly dropped off the face of the blog posting earth

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6 weeks ago I suddenly dropped off the face of the social media/ blog posting earth.

Shenanigans got pretty real, some big things are stirring, and to be honest with you, I ended up eating a lot of gyoza.

I’ve really missed chatting to you guys and knowing what’s going on in your lives through all the fun replies and comments you send me, so I’m popping back in with an update instead of a blog post, to say g’day!

In the last 6 weeks while I’ve been MIA:

  • I’ve made and eaten approximately 10,000 homemade gluten-free gyoza (my new obsession)

  • I’ve run 18 corporate workshops for companies like BMW, ExxonMobil, and even Victoria Police – my favourite brand of people – cynics and skeptics! (PS – if you’re interested check out my new corporate website here!)
  • I’ve been feeling like I’m “waking up” again – perhaps it’s spring (on this side of the world!), perhaps it’s all the change in the air and the new grape leaves popping up all over Marvin Gaye (my grapevine) – but I’m feeling so excited and so incredibly inspired for the first time in a fair whack, and all sorts of cool opportunities are flinging themselves into my life! Life feels so full in a really lovely way, and I’m bloody grateful.
  • I’ve also become excessively excited about earning Qantas points for doing exercise I already do – and even just the hope of a few measly Qantas points is motivating me to do more! Gamification works on me. If you need more reasons to exercise too, click here to download the Qantas wellbeing app and get 150 Qantas points (you’ll also be giving me 150 Qantas points – cheers!), so we can both fly places for free!
  • As a result of all the workshops and my Qantas points mission, I’ve spent almost 0 minutes at my desk over the last 6 weeks, which has been bloody brilliant!

I’ve been location-independent with my business for 5 years now, exactly as I always dreamed,

BUT whatever splendid location I’m in (or just at home in my matching turquoise velvet trackies*), I’m generally sitting there on my butt, glued to my computer.

So much so, in fact, that I now have 3 chairs – a normal office chair, a kneeling chair, and a swiss ball – just to try and stop my back from getting so pissed off at all the sitting I do!

NOT as I always dreamed.

* I don’t actually own any velvet trackies. Sorry.

But I digress. As you’d expect from a person who lies about wearing velvet.

I’m working on some exciting new things, because though my focus lately has been very much on running corporate workshops – I still love the online side of my business with you guys and I want to make it even more rad for all of us.

So I’m heading over to Spain for a month to spend time with two of my best business mates, Jo and Rachel, to dedicate some solid time to eating tapas

thinking up some cool new free things to send you, perhaps a quiz for your mind, some awesome new short programs (on relationships, communication, and stress reduction, I reckon!), and maybe even a Bloody Good Life 201!

To make room for all this exciting new stuff, and all the corporate workshops (and the Qantas points), Bloody Good Life LIVE will NOT be re-opening this year (sorry to those of you who’ve been asking me about it). I may open Bloody Good Life DIY at some point, so if that’s something you’re keen on, put your name on the waitlist with one click by clicking here.

I realise this email is incredibly self-indulgent and all about me, which is why I don’t usually send these, but I’ve been noticing that the newsletters I love reading the most are the ones in which the bloggers update me on personal details about their lives, because I learn from their learnings, and get inspired by what they’re up to.

Fingers crossed you feel the same, if not, sorry about that! I’ll be back to writing blog posts for you again shortly, possibly with a new spin, who knows! :D

Pstt - enjoyed this blog post? Splendid news! If you fancy getting these snippets of self-deprecating radical honesty delivered freshly to your inbox moments(ish) after I take them out of the gluten free oven (every week or three-ish), subscribe over here.

I have an online workshop coming up (details TBC) called How to be Less of a Dick to Yourself (AKA Self Compassion for Sceptics)! I would love you to join us — It’s going to be bloody splendid! Click here to register your interest.

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