What to do when our mind skitzes out about dating someone bloody awesome

What to do when our mind skitzes out about dating someone bloody awesome

This morning I got this epic message from an old friend:

“So I’m dating someone fucking awesome who I meet on Tinder, his name is <The same as Bloody Good Chap’s name>

…no shit!

And he is totally dealing with all my insecurities like a champ!

Anyway this morning he dropped me off to work and I felt gushy and lame, then I heard an actual voice in my head telling me to not get ahead of myself and be cautious, hold back he won’t like “all” of you if you make it available…

I finally got it, laughed and told that idiot in my head to shut the hell up! Click To Tweet

This is down to you my sweets thanks for always sharing, makes me realise it’s normal and ok to

1. have that voice and 2. tell it to suck it!”

I asked her if I could share this message with you guys cause it’s just so bloody awesome, and a testament to how life changing mindfulness can be.

Awareness is key – if you can hear that sneaky little bastard Neville being a knob in your head, you’re less likely to listen. You wouldn’t take that kind of crap from a friend, you’d ignore it (and probably end the friendship), but sometimes because it’s in our head we take it more seriously, and we often start behaving weird and insecure and messing up relationships as a result.

Here’s to telling our Nevilles (minds) to suck it! Click To Tweet

I have to correct myself there though – our Nevilles are just trying to help, like an over-cautious parent always telling us the worst case scenario to try and protect us; we can thank them for their advice (it’s only because they care) and then do what we want anyway.

The idea is just to hear that voice speaking so that YOU can decide what actions to take, whether to agree with the voice and react, or whether to crack on with your grand plans, business as usual.

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