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A couple of months ago a really incredible woman passed away,

and since then she’s been on my mind more than ever.

I see my Grandma’s cheeky face in my mind’s eye, with her beautifully brushed white hair, and I smile to myself while doing the dishes.

My Grandma was a woman that lit up any room she went into with laughter and grins.

She was so blunt with her observations that she couldn’t help but make everyone crack up.

I’ve never known anyone so complimentary as my Grandma Heather.

There was never a time that I went to visit her that I didn’t come away feeling good about myself. Everyone who knew her would say the same.

I’ve been thinking about how rare it is for us to so readily compliment others,

and how easily it brightens our day to hear a kind word or two.

When Grandma passed away I decided to start practicing being more like her.

As soon as an appreciative thought pops into my head about someone, I’m saying it out loud instead of stashing it away in the corner of my brain that tells me I’m being weird.

Last night I got an email that made my face light up from ear to ear.

Like a face shaped light bulb.

A legend replied to one of my emails with the loveliest email telling me she’s been on my newsletter list for a long while now and still loves receiving my emails and that she gets excited when she sees them in between the other inbox BS.

Just those few lines completely made my day.

How incredibly powerful our words are –

just a quick email fired off to another female can make us feel SO good about ourselves – yet how often do we email people lovely things?

How often do we think kind things about others but then just never quite get around to telling them?

Or worse, hide our kind thoughts for fear of seeming “weird” or “creepy”.

This is specially true of females –

we are so often in competition with each other.

A compliment from another woman somehow feels extra powerful.

So today I wanted to challenge you – right now,

take just 1 minute to fire off a quick email or text to a woman you love or admire and tell them why you think they’re great.

Never underestimate the power you have to empower and lift others up with your words.

And you along with them.

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