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Your mate really needs your help this Friday, 20th September

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Today I’m popping in to let you know that I have a good mate who really needs a favour from you this Friday, 20th September.

My mate is actually your mate too, I think you’ve met each other before once or twice…

Their name is Planet.

You know, the mate you hang out with every day, who supports everything you do, grows all your food, and keeps things turning, so to speak?

See, Planet Facetimed me last week and said “Yo, Andrea, I need a hand here. There be all this CO2 in my face and I can’t see properly. It’s making me have these real extreme mood swings and stuff, I’m getting all these hot flushes way before my time! Can you help me clear that shit up?”

And I was like, yea cool, Planet, sorry about that, I put some of that stuff up there, and I know a bunch of folks who might be able to help.

So on behalf of our mate Planet,

join me and Greta and millions of people around the world who are striking for climate change this Friday.

If you haven’t already, register here and arrange a day off work, pull a sickie, or actually go on strike for our bloody excellent climate.

Planet will be stoked to see you there.

Strikes are being organised around the world to get our governments to take notice and actually do something a bit more radical than f*&k-all.

All so that we don’t all end up in Ice Age 6, without Sid the sloth.

We’ve had our heads in the sand for a couple of decades too long now, and this is something easy and harmless you can do to help Planet out.

If you have a website, you can also do a digital strike – install a plugin to alert people to the climate strike from now until the 20th September.

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