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I’m so underfu%#ed it’s not funny!

This was the opening line of an email I received last week from one of my blog readers, Emma.

She continued, “I’ve been with my current partner for almost two years now and we hardly have sex. Initially it was because I didn’t want it due to low libido, and because he wasn’t confident enough to take charge. I now realise this is definitely not where I want to be so it’s got to change!”

“But”, Emma continued, “F*%k me it’s going to be expensive to remedy that with this Well F%#ed Woman course!

“I already know what you’re going to say as you’ve already said it before, but do I really have to spend a grand to fix my situation? It feels like there are so many self help courses that demand so much money and I’m just so cautious about these online things.

Is there any other way to go about getting better fucked

or do you think I should just suck it up and say goodbye to the money? Your bloody good wisdom and advice is greatly appreciated in advance.

Thanks, Emma.”

I figured Emma was probably not alone in her thoughts, so I thought I’d share my reply with you too!

“First of all”, I wrote, “I bloody love your candidness.”

“You totally don’t have to pay a thousand dollars to improve your sex life, there are many other free resources online you can use (for starters, I recommend that you check out Kim’s new podcast!) I just don’t know of any programs that are as comprehensive, easily digestible and life changing as the Well F*%ed Woman program, which is why I’m passionate about promoting it.

There are loads of books on tantra and taoism you can read and podcasts you can listen to to learn loads of new stuff about sex, I guess the question is, will you actually follow through on practicing what they talk about unless you invest money in a course?

For me, the answer is always no.

I need someone to hand hold me through that shit, because on my own, I will prioritise my sex life and happiness LAST.

You might be better at following through on things like that, in which case you can totally try just going for all the books and podcast on the subject and you’ll learn a lot, for sure! There is a lot of spiritual flowery bollocks out there to wade through, but there are also plenty of more modern teachers like Kim Anami.

Personally I didn’t have the time or the patience to wade through it all so I wanted a done-for-me guide where Kim has done all the decades of research and experimenting and beautifully packaged it up in a program that’s fun and easy to follow.

That’s what you’re paying for when you buy an online course like this, you’re buying decades of the teacher’s experience and knowledge, distilled and honed in a way that makes it digestible, relatable and fun. To me, that is worth a lot. I don’t have the time or desire to do wild tantric retreats in the jungle with scary hippies in order to learn this stuff haha.

I know it’s a lot of money, but the way I look at it – every year I spend over 2k on a yoga membership, most people spend around 1k per year on a gym membership, and for a course like WFW, you get lifetime access, but yet we prioritise sex and intangible skills that you can’t “see” (sex, happiness, mental health, etc) SOO much lower than exercise and physical health.

I’m literally going through Kim’s program again at the moment, because like anything in life,

we fall off the wagon with sex just as much (if not more) than we do with exercise, meditation, eating healthy, and anything that makes our life better.

And as you know, Kim has a 30 day refund policy, so if you give it your best shot and then decide it’s just not worth the money to you, you can get all your money back anyway.

I’ve done all of Kim’s programs, but my personal favourite is the Well F#*ed Woman for sure, it was the first course I did and it was a game changer for me and for my relationship with my partner, I honestly think there’s no way we’d be together and thriving now 4.5 years later without it, because the program is not just about sex, it has so much valuable stuff about communication and female (and male) empowerment, sexual oppression & trauma, self understanding, relationships and honesty.

Oops, essay, can you tell I’m passionate about this stuff!?

Let me know if you have any questions not covered by my essay haha.

Cheers, Andrea”

Emma (who’s name is not actually Emma) gave me permission to share our email conversation with you, because, in Emma’s words

“We need more real people talking about real issues and solutions and I’m totally not shy about that!”

She also replied, “You’re totally right, this stuff is worth investing in!

Can’t wait to be well fucked!”

“I’ve just listened to Kim’s first podcast and I’m hooked, it all makes so much sense. The social conditioning that she talks about is such a consistent theme in everything I believe is going wrong in western society, so it kind of makes sense that the sex taboo is something I should be challenging.”

So there you go. I highly recommend Kim’s new podcast, and if you’re ready to take your sex life to the next level (whether you’re single or in a relationship), you have just a couple more days to click here and sign up for the Well F%#ed Woman program before registration closes for another year.

And if you do sign up for the WFW program using my affiliate links, message me with “Kim Anami WFW” so I can send you my Sex & Mindfulness bonus video too!

If you have any questions about the program, just email me, I’m all ears (and honest replies).

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G'day there indecisive overachiever... have you checked out the free 6 day mindfulness challenge yet?

Click here to sign up for The 6 Days to Decisiveness challenge  (did I mention it's free as a bird?) :D