Even if you’ve done everything the same way for as long as you can remember, tomorrow you could wake up and change everything.

I encourage you to do so.

  • Move your room around so you wake up facing a different side.
  • If you get your coffee from the same place every day, try somewhere new, and order something new.
  • When you run out of products, try new ones.
  • Walk or bike a different way to work.
  • Change the order of how you usually do things at work.
  • See if you can meet someone new in your workplace and get to know them.
  • Once a week, do something you’ve never done before, try a hip hop dance class or crocheting or sky diving.

We get stuck in routines and patterns without even realising it. When you realise how good it feels to change things up,

you’ll be flabbergasted.

Probably. I just wanted to use that word.

The areas of our lives that most excite us are always the areas in which we are growing.

If sex has become a bit routine,

book in to learn couples tantric massage, do some e-courses (I highly recommend Kim Anami’s Well F%ked Woman course, read articles about new techniques to master. If your weekends are always the same, choose something you’d love to learn and learn it. YouTube can teach you anything- it taught me how to pick a lock with a hair clip!

Why is it that we feel so alive when we’re changing and growing?

Because just like plants, we’re meant to grow. Plants don’t like it when they stop growing, they get all wilty and pissed off. And so do we.

When we do things a bit differently, we feel more alive. Change makes us become accidentally more mindful.

When you walk the same way to work everyday, your mind need not focus on your surroundings, your body walks on autopilot and your mind is free to wander off into the past or future. The past contains a lot of sadness and ‘should haves’ for most minds, and the future a lot of anxiety and worry and to do lists.

So when you change it up, your brain becomes focussed intently what you’re doing, and you feel more alive.

This is why people love travel, meeting new people, going on adventures, exploring new hipster cafes.

So change some stuff! Right now! Don’t get stuck in the rut of habit.

Analyse everything you do repetitively and work out how you can jazz it up!

I have four toothpastes to choose from every morning.

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Bloody Good Life DIY is about to open for 5 days only!

Get your name on the waitlist by clicking here.