I used to think that I was just one of those chicks who couldn’t come from sex. Or hardly at all for that matter. My first boyfriend bought me a vibrator and suggested I practice – how could I show him what to do if I didn’t know myself!

I’d never looked at it that way.

Cosmo seemed to say that most women can’t come from sex and I believed them.

But since I’ve never been a faker, most guys I ever had sex with were inevitably surprised (and disappointed) when they realised they couldn’t make me come. No matter how hard they tried.

I had a sex friend who told me he’d slept with over 80 women in his days of living in London, and he was pretty sure he’d made them all come from sex. But judging by his not-above-average skills, I’d guess at least 75% of them were lying.

Which leads me to believe that I am not in the minority – there are loads of us who struggle or have struggled in the past to come from sex, and/or to get really, properly turned on.

Enter Kim Anami.

A couple of years ago I stumbled across my soon to be sex-coach/ idol, who told me that in fact, it is NOT normal for women not to be able to come.

For some reason, our society is jam packed with SEX, sex everywhere, pop music videos with naked women tied up and hanging from the ceiling (what the hell – did you know those are marketed at 13 year olds?), yet still, no one seems to want to talk about sex honestly.

(Can I hear gasps at me writing vibrator?)

It’s like we all think that everyone else knows what they’re doing, so none of us talk about it too much for fear that everyone will realise that we really don’t know what on earth is going on down there, with us or with our partners.

I have a lot of female clients tell me that they’d like to learn to genuinely enjoy sex more, and to come from sex. And I refer them straight to the pro: Kim Anami

I’ve now done a few years of research and learning about sex and Tantra and Taoism, mainly through Kim’s courses, and let me tell you, it is NOT normal for women to not be able to come from sex.

Did you know that it becomes way easier to orgasm, and your orgasms become more powerful when you strengthen your vagina?

Neither did I. Until I started Kim’s Vaginal Kung Fu course.

Kim has opened my eyes to a whole new world of modern Tantra, Taoism, multiple orgasms (for men and women), vaginal/ orgasm strengthening, and masculine/ feminine polarity, which changed my sex life and relationship with every guy I’ve dated since.

Kim Anami’s Vaginal Kung Fu salon has just reopened for registration!

If you struggle to get turned on, have a libido like a snail, would love to be able to come more easily, want to be more attractive to dudes, are feeling a bit stuck in any area of your life, or you want learn more about your amazing body and the things it can do, frankly, you’ve just got to do it.

Check it out here >> Kim Anami’s Vaginal Kung Fu

I’ll be doing it with you! (You get lifetime access – how nifty is that)!

You know how you buy all those ecourses and never do them – you’ll do this one. I don’t know how, but every time I redo one of the modules of Kim’s courses, I walk away from every video feeling excited and inspired for not just my sex life, but my whole life.

I cannot recommend Kim’s courses highly enough. I’m her number one raver. Probably.

The cool thing is that when you have a thriving sex drive and sex life things start to change in all areas of your life, and things that felt stuck, are suddenly not stuck at all.

I reckon it’s a key skill for a bloody good life.

Sex and self pleasure are a powerful mindfulness practice. They help you to be present (orgasm puts your mind into the same state as meditation), which gives you greater access to your gut instinct; intuition, whatever you want to call it – that thing in you that knows when you’re on the right track, has brilliant ideas, and eliminates all indecision and self-doubt.

Vaginal Kung Fu is for you if you’re single or in a relationship.

And dudes – the best present you could ever get for your woman for Valentine’s day (or for no reason in particular!)? This is it! Such a win-win present.

All of Kim’s courses I’ve done while single and in a relationship, they’re awesome both ways – when I did it while single I became way more attractive to males, I think because I felt more confident and comfortable with myself, dudes seemed to be more easily picking up what I was putting down. Or something. I felt awesome.

It also meant when I met BGC I was able to teach him all sorts of stuff about my body, and everything I’d learnt about Tantra and Taoism so we could learn more together.

So what are you waiting for? Take your vagina to the gym! It’s the best gym membership you’ll ever buy, and certainly the most life changing. (And if it doesn’t change your life, you get a refund!)

Kim Anami’s Vaginal Kung Fu

If you sign up using my affiliate links in this post, I will A. think you’re awesome, and B. send you a login to my private bonus video series about how Mindfulness + Sex combined has changed my Bloody Good Life, and how you can use it to get turned on and excited about life with ease, improve your sex life and your relationships, and be more self aware and more confident so that you know who are you are and what you want.

Kim will teach you the sex stuff.

I’ll teach you the mind stuff.

To be sent your private login: sign up for Vaginal Kung Fu and EMAIL ME to let me know – andrea@projectself.com.au and I will send you your login!

Hell yes!

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Keen to work with me 1:1 and get clear on what you want and how to get out of your own way? I have a few spots coming available over the next few months!

Check the BGL 1:1 mentoring program and book a free chat with me here.