What to do when you bugger up your New Year’s resolution 14 hours in

What to do when you bugger up your New Year’s resolution 14 hours in

My New Year’s resolution to stop eating cheese failed only 14 hours into 2017 with a delicious cheddar-and-goats-cheese containing taco huddled around a camp table being rained on. I’ve eaten more cheese today, so it looks as though 2017 is going to continue to contain cheese even though it gives me eczema, dry skin and a red face.

Nailing it.

I don’t think I’ve ever stuck to a resolution ever, so usually I don’t even bother. Instead I love this question that my friend asked me a few days ago…

What are you most excited about for 2017?

I’ve been away camping along the Great Ocean Road with some of the legendest legends in legendville, and as we sat around the chilly bins (eskis) that we later danced on, we all chatted about what we were most excited about in 2017.

For me –

I’m excited about ENJOYING.

I’m planning on enjoying a lot more Melbourne time (after 6 months of travelling in 2016, I’m ready for more time enjoying this awesome place I call home!), enjoying more time with friends, more time in the same country as Bloody Good Chap, more time camping and eating double cheese tacos, hopefully with no cheese, eventually, and just more time and space to enjoy my life rather than rushing through it striving for X Y and Z.

I’m going to be slowing down and taking things as they come,

allowing things to grow and expand naturally and enjoyably, rather than always feeling like I need to be pushing. I’ve already started to slow things down a lot in the last few months,

and for the first time ever I’m not feeling constantly guilty for taking some time to enjoy life.

Though I do feel a bit guilty making a resolution to enjoy and slow down. I feel like I should justify my decision by telling you “I’ll still work lots, just in a more enjoyable, less frantic way.”

It’s ridiculous how us humans make ourselves feel guilty for enjoying life too much.

Like somehow suffering through it and making it harder than necessary for ourselves will make us more helpful to the world?

It’s such a fascinating mindset to observe.

Others around the circle were most excited about 2017 being a year of play, of expanding and stepping outside of personal limits, of balance, of rediscovering themselves, of building on love and marriage, and of living life to the max.

It was so inspiring and empowering to hear what others were excited about for the year to come, and to put some thought into the themes we’d like 2017 to be about.

So instead of berating yourself for buggering up your New Year’s resolution just two days in,

if you suck at keeping resolutions as much as I do, ask your friends and family (and hopefully they’ll ask you back!)…

What are you most excited about in 2017?

In fact, tell me – I’d love to know, what are you most excited about for this year? What values or key words do you want 2017 to be about?

Happy New Year chaps!

Cheers to honesty, freedom, and enjoying ourselves!


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