Bloody Good Chap’s big surprise!

Bloody Good Chap’s big surprise!
Yesterday I was feeling a bit raw and emotional (and hangry) after a crazy week of not eating (I did a detox retreat), so I took myself to Soma cafe so I could Skype Bloody Good Chap, because I thought I might cry.

I walked into Soma and stopped dead in my tracks, there, sitting at a table smiling at me…

was Bloody Good Chap!

My initial thought was, wow, that dude looks so much like BGC. Then I realised it was. Then I cried. Then I ate breakfast for the first time in 7 days.

Bloody Good Chap is back!

We have just one week left in Bali, though I know I’ll back again sometime soon. Working here has taught me how to take time out and have a bit more work-life balance.

BGC, what a bloody legend eh. I really felt like I needed him this week, and here he is! He’s known he was coming back for a month and I hadn’t a clue. He came off nightshift in his job in Melbourne and flew straight here, got in late at night, stayed in a hotel, and had gone to Soma on a whim, he guessed that I might go there after my early morning clients!

How fun to finish an amazing 2 months with my partner in crime. We’re now sitting in a coffee shop and BGC is having a coffee and filming a gecko while I work.

Sometimes, life actually can be so bloody good! I have to keep reminding my mind that it’s ok.

:D :D :D

Responses to me telling a few people so far:

My VA: I just Love this Post!!!! BGC is pretty much a love Ninja <3

Friend 1: OMG that guy is unbelievable, marry him now!!! :D

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